Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

If you have been around WordPress sites for a while, I’m sure that you know what spam is and how annoying it can be. But if you are new to this, spam is unwanted data that acts as a parasite or a leach and should be removed thoroughly. Read more

How to Promote Your WordPress Plugin

How to Promote Your Wordpress Plugin

So, after many hours of work, your plugin is now ready to be used, but there’s a problem on the horizon. How do you promote it and get WordPress users to use it? For people that are more focused on the technical part, not knowing where to start can cause a headache. Read more

Best Security Plugins for WordPress

Best Security Plugins for Wordpress

Regardless if a site was coded from scratch or built using a CMS like WordPress, it is never completely safe from cyber attacks and people with malicious intentions. For any site admin or owner, this is very bad news because your site holds not only your data but also the data belonging to thousands of people who use the site every day. Read more

Top 6 Plugins for Creating Polls in WordPress

Top Plugins for Creating Polls in WordPress

Maintaining a successful online business is an art form that instead of brushes or musical notes, relies on insights and thorough analysis to construct masterpieces. And as a true form of art, it’s wrapped up in countless challenges that need to be completed in order to reach the first class. Read more

How to Bulk Install Plugins

How to Bulk Install Plugins Using a Plugin

One of the most tedious repetitive tasks in setting up a WordPress site is having to upload, install, and activate your favorite plugins one-by-one. This challenge is famous and even more time/resource-consuming when you have multiple websites to install several WordPress plugins. Well, the good news is: this is no longer as challenging as it used to be – there are now ways to bulk install plugins. Read more