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How to Reset WordPress site

Now some of you might wonder, why would anyone want to reset their already established website. That’s a good question. Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2019

It seems like Black Friday gets bigger every year. There are more stores involved, deals are getting better and the merchandise cheaper. While this might mean more problems for retailers, having an online store or offering a digital product is a different thing. Read more

If you have a company or work for one that deals with customers on a daily basis, then I am sure you are aware of the importance of building a good relationship with those customers. Nowadays, the main tool that will assist you in doing that is CRM software. Read more

SEO Booster Featured

Is there really any need to emphasize the importance of proper SEO? If you want people to spend money on your site so that you can make a living out of it, you need to spend quite some time on search engine optimization. Read more

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

If you’re a regular WordPress blogger or webmaster, you’re more than likely well aware of how important gathering accurate statistics about your website is. That’s why learning how to add Google Analytics to WordPress is crucial in the development of your website or blog. Read more

WordPress vs Tumblr: The Quick Review

If you’re new to blogging, perhaps you’ve heard of WordPress and Tumblr but don’t really know where to start with either one. Either one is capable of producing a high-class blogging experience. However, they are far from the same. Read more

WooCommerce Quick View - Make Online Shopping Even Easier & More Fun

When running an e-commerce site, regardless of the products or services you’re offering, you’ll want to make it as lean and straightforward as possible. Making it convoluted to the point that your customers are essentially jumping through hoops just to place an order is a recipe for disaster. Probably the weakest link in this chain is adding items to your cart. Let’s paint a picture… Read more