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Asset CleanUp – Optimize your WordPress Site and Make it Fast Again

Every new site that’s put up is clean and fast because the code is new. There isn’t much content, scripts or plugins to weight it down. Over time, all of these additions provide a double-edged sword. At the same time, they’re helping you simplify the backend work you’re doing, but stacking them one over the other will clutter everything and making your site difficult to navigate for you and slow to respond for your visitors. Read more

6 Tips To Reduce Inode Usage On WordPress Websites

Amateur website owners are alarmed by an exhausted inode limit. They start looking for ways to reduce inode usage on WordPress websites but most of them are unaware of the term and its meaning. The easy-to-use nature of the CMS has enabled even technically ignorant users to acquire an interface at reasonable rates. Read more

Increasing Morale in the Workplace without giving a Raise?

Your business is who you employ, your business is what those people do and your business heavily depends on how they feel. Read more

Top 8 Coming Soon Plugins & Themes for WordPress

Now every website needs a lot of groundwork. Content, images videos, links, etc. What if you have the website made, but the intricate details are still a work in progress? What if it’s time for your website to undergo renovation or a complete overhaul? At such times, the maintenance mode or under construction plugin is the best friend you can lean on. Read more

4 Benefits of Using Visuals in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s the Digital Age. 2019. Digital content is visual content plain and simple. While many parents have the dilemma of finding a balance between their children’s screen time and their interaction with the real world, consumers have another dilemma on their hands. How do they make their screen time beneficial? Read more