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Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress

An Author Box is one of the ways you or your business website can get more exposure. This is a box often found at the bottom of your blog post that gives some information about you or the author of the text. It displays whatever text you decide to enter, along with a picture you have set up on your Gravatar Account. Here is our selection of WordPress plugins for author boxes. Read more

Ultimate Guide to Redirects

Changing the URL of an existing page on your WordPress site without creating redirects could hurt the website’s user experience and your digital presence, regardless of your many good reasons for doing so. Read more

Add Author Box to WordPress

Adding an Author Biography to your site shouldn’t be a big deal – and that is where Simple Author Box comes to make it as simple as possible. Here is the review of this great WordPress plugin. Read more

Tips For SEO Friendly Blog

“Blogging” is the new buzzword of this century. Look around, and you’ll see almost everyone thinking about starting a blog or working on their existing blog. In a nutshell, people who think they are good at content creation, they opt for blogging to make some money online. It’s true that with blogging, you can make some big fat cash, but on the other hand, there’s another fact that this whole process will take some real-time effort. Not just this, but also need to be ready for a lot of time consumption because that’s what this career demands. Read more

Developing a site for large organizations

From your website’s appearance, functionality, coding, and navigation, a lot goes into creating an aesthetically appealing, user-friendly site. Web designers and developers must work in creating user-friendly sites that are also easily searchable by search engines, engage users, and generate conversions. The following facts in this article will help you create an excellent website experience that will inspire people to become your brand evangelists. Read more

Keys to a great start

It’s easy to work when you are inspired. When the divine spark hits you, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to follow it. It doesn’t take energy at all. You can just sit back and watch how all the dots of your project are connecting, and how your past daydreams link to new ones. Creativity is one hell of a drug. Read more

How to Bulk Install Plugins Using a Plugin

One of the most tedious repetitive tasks in setting up a WordPress site is having to upload, install, and activate your favorite plugins one-by-one. This challenge is famous and even more time/resource-consuming when you have multiple websites to install several WordPress plugins. Well, the good news is: this is no longer as challenging as it used to be – there are now ways to bulk install plugins. Read more

How to Use GDPR to your Advantage

While browsing through the internet, did you notice that things have changed lately? Every website seems very cautious when it comes to privacy; they are always asking for storing cookies and pretty much annoying us with those approvals that we accept just to get it out of the way to grab the content we came after. It happens too frequently to be a coincidence, doesn’t it? That is caused by a new cop in its cyber suit called GDPR. Read more