Call-To-Action Plugins for WordPress: Capture Visitor Attention in an Instant

You can create a wonderful-looking website and have dozens of visitors who will scroll through the page and hopefully read something. But you also want them to engage with your content.

Are you looking for #WordPress #call-to-action plugins? You can find the #best ones in this article!

Everyone wants their website to have many visitors, but we also want them to do specific things on our websites – that’s where Call-To-Action plugins come in.

What are Call-To-Action plugins?

First of all, Call-To-Actions (CTA) are elements on your site that ask visitors to do certain things. No matter if it’s to subscribe to your mailing list, buy something at a discount, etc. Whatever the case, Call-To-Action enables you to boost your conversion rates.

Call-To-Action plugins can make it more simple for your visitors. Depending on the plugin you’re using, you can choose between cheap, simple, functional, and stylish ways to prompt your visitors to do something specific.

Our Recommendations of the Best Call-To-Action Plugins

1. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin based on one thing – creating urgency.

Most people are afraid of missing out and, because of that, urgency is an effective marketing tool used for boosting conversions.

Thrive Ultimatum is used to create stylish countdown timers for your website. It is simple to use, effective, but still highly customizable. It enables users to create a campaign in just a few clicks. Can you believe this, and also, this is not all! It comes with a variety of several pre-made templates.

To continue, besides creating basic countdowns from one date to another, you can create automatically recurring campaigns and evergreen campaigns. So, it can start a specific countdown for every user. These features make this plugin different from others, more fundamental, countdown timers. Using the drag-and-drop editor, even beginners can create an effective campaign to their liking. So you don’t have to worry about a learning curve for using Thrive Ultimatum. It is extremely user and beginner-friendly.

Price: You can access this plugin by purchasing Thrive Suite for $19 a year or $30 quarterly.

2. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg editor plugin for designing your website, mainly designed and marketed towards bloggers. While it is not a plugin made only for Call-To-Actions, it includes many CTA-type blocks.

However, Ultimate Blocks is a simple-to-use plugin, which can cover all your basic needs for CTA blocks. You can also customize everything in your block to fit with your overall website design well. You can even disable blocks you don’t use so that it won’t hurt the performance of your website. The best thing of all, it’s free! So there is no reason for you not to get this one and give it a go.

Price: Free

3. WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe enables your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list easily. You can easily create a form using this simple and reliable plugin and prompt your visitors to subscribe to your excellent mailing list.

Using the free version, you can connect to your email marketing service. And further, customize your form (using CSS), and set triggers for activation.

Upgrading to the Pro version enables you to use even more options and tools, including a customization tool that will make editing your form easy.

Price: Upgrading to WP Subscribe Pro will cost you $39.

4. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Like Ultimate Blocks, this one also isn’t just another CTA plugin. Elementor Pro is a drag-and-drop plugin for designing your whole website. It enables even beginners to make beautiful eye-catching designs for websites.

Using the Elementor Pro version, you get access to a wide range of CTA elements. Also, using the editing functionality from the essential Elementor plugin, there is a possibility to edit every detail on them to your liking.

While the CTA functionalities are not accessible for this plugin, buying the Pro version will enable you to design your website like a professional! You can create the website how YOU imagined it and make the CTA elements fit right in. Isn’t that incredible?!

Price: Pro version ranges from $49 to $999 a year, depending on the number of websites.

5. Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab

As the name for this one suggests, this is a plugin for simply making a side tab.

Simple Side Tab is a free plugin that will enable you to make a globally accessible Call-To-Action element on your site. You can edit your text on the tab, change the color and fonts, and set a destination URL.

This plugin is a simple-to-use, beginner-friendly, and effective way to boost your conversion rates without any payment.

Price: Free.


We can’t just choose only one plugin and name it the best for everything.

Every plugin on this list has its specific use, and also, not all deal with the same segments of WordPress.

Some can do a lot of stuff but don’t go too much into detail. Others can do one exact thing well. It all depends on your desires and needs.

Thrive Ultimatum – an easy way to create an effective campaign to show users your limited edition offers.

Ultimate Blocks – is a versatile, simple, and free way for CTA elements.

WP Subscribe – even with the free version, you can grow your mailing list quite effectively.

Elementor Pro – will enable you to design your website like a professional and make your CTA elements fit right in.

Simple Side Tab – is an easy, free and effective way to ask your visitors to do something modestly.

Mentioned here are some that can fill most needs for users; you may need one of them, or you may need all of them. Good luck.