How to Personalize Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Personalize Saas marketing strategy

Personalizing your SaaS marketing strategy is one of the sure ways to increase your level of engagement and relevance, thereby optimizing sales. In marketing, personalization provides motivating information about the customer’s demographics, location business relationship stands. It reduces acquisition costs by over 50 percent and influences more consumers (59 percent) in their buying decision. Read more

Why Positive Reviews are Valuable to Small Businesses

Why Positive Reviews are Valuable to Small Businesses

Customer feedback has a mixed reception from businesses. While it’s always great to receive positive reviews from customers, it is still a challenge to address negative ones.

Businesses, especially the small ones, should see the importance of reviews and why there is a need to work on them.

This article aims to emphasize the necessity to work on earning positive reviews, and the benefits that it can do especially when starting a small business. Read more