Top 5 AI Heatmap Tools to Analyze Your Site and Help Improve User Experience

Top 5 Ai Heatmap Tools

What do people exactly do when they come to your website? Which pages do they inspect, how much do they scroll, and what interests them the most? This kind of info can provide some incredibly valuable insight on how your visitors behave which you can then use to optimize your pages so that the parts that draw the most attention can help you convert more. Read more

Where to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

Where to buy premium WordPress themes

If you’re serious about your WordPress website, you probably know that you’re going to need a good theme to really start attracting visitors and raking in that delicious traffic. Simply, websites these days have to look good and be functional if they are to stand any chance in the increasingly competitive online space. Fortunately, WordPress has got you covered because it offers plenty of nice free themes that suit almost all kinds of websites. Read more