How to Become a Self-taught WordPress Developer

Become Self Taught WordPress Developer

One of the greatest things about the world of development is that it is welcoming to anyone. To be a developer, the only prerequisite is that you possess the right technical skills for the job. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you have a college degree, or through which means you obtained your technical skills, in order to get a chance to show what you can do. Read more

The Languages You Should Learn To Do More with Your WordPress Site

Languages you need to master Wordpress

Your ability to create top-notch websites, which is apparently every web developer’s most-cherished goal, won’t just happen by being able to imagine it. Knowledge is always behind every new level of creativity, regardless of how small. In other words, you must learn more before you can do more with your WordPress site. Read more

5 Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins

5 Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins

If you work with WordPress, you must face a website migration challenge at some point. You might have to move or copy to a new domain or change web hosts. Or, if you’ve been developing your or a client’s website on a local server, you’d have to migrate it to a live website server for launching. Read more

Top 10 Sites to Find Free Illustration for Your Next Project

Sites With Free Illustrations

Illustrations are a crucial part of both design and non-design projects. They make the project more appealing and help you to convey your message better. A project/design without illustrations can be done, but it might seem bland or even outdated, considering the popularity of illustrations in all areas of modern design. The level of popularity illustrations has was achieved largely due to the fact that they work well in whichever way you use them. Read more

7 Most Frustrating WordPress Errors (And How to Fix Them)

7 most common WP issues and how to fix them

Creating and distributing content is one hell of a job that a few of us are capable of doing. It takes a lot of time and patience to hit the sweet spot and get the product you are dying to achieve because when you fall in love with the profession, there is no going back. Read more