Follow These UX Trends to Make Products More Useful and Exciting

Technology allows us to design every single detail of the experience customers and users have with our brand. Giving the user a chance to interact with your product which encourages their positive emotions towards the brand, is the best way to create a long-term relationship.

Trends are changing faster than ever, yet a few exciting and useful features can improve the experience. Before going any further, it is essential to understand that the product is as valuable as the experience it provides. Once we accept this information, we can take action by following current UX trends.


Playing is fun. Every child would agree with this, yet we somehow forget it in the transition to adulthood. This is the playing card for you and your products. Design them in a way that they encourage and reward playfulness.

Gamification can be achieved differently, depending on the product you are designing. You need to convert already-known numbers and statistics into easy-to-use leaderboards, scores, and points. Reward the users with the best scores and motivate other users simultaneously.


Technology that many have been waiting for decades is now available, and it is only a matter of a moment before it will become widely spread in our households. To experience virtual reality, one needs equipment, and the product one wants to experience. Imagine choosing a new summer destination by experiencing what it can provide with VR.

Augmented reality is also already put in use and opens many possibilities. It allows you to design experiences without the limitations that the real world provides while integrating digital models into the world we all know. Both technologies are still evolving, thus becoming more affordable and attractive for designers and users.

Personalized Experience

When it comes to human interactions, we all appreciate when a retailer in the store gives us feedback on how the glasses that we are looking for fit our faces. The time has come for your digital products to provide the same experience, encouraging positive emotions and helping the user.

Personalizing experiences can start with small things, such as having a welcome screen with the user’s name. It can go as far as having advanced algorithms which adjust product features and angles based on the user’s needs. Possibilities are many. What is essential once more is to remember that personalized experience is created for the user.

Design Emotions

Designing UX is about encouraging positive emotions and bringing value to the user. Since emotions play a significant role in our daily lives, it is essential to incorporate them into the products we offer to customers.

Achieving this can be as simple as introducing a character in your digital product to help users learn how to use the platform. Such a character can also be personalized to suit the need of specific users or even displayed in the real world using AR.


As you can see, UX trends are evolving interconnectedly, allowing a new field of possibilities to open. One small change in the design can impact all aspects of your product. This is why it is essential to test UX and make such changes carefully and timely.