12 Important Facts to Know When Developing a Website for Large Organizations

Developing a site for large organizations

From your website’s appearance, functionality, coding, and navigation, a lot goes into creating an aesthetically appealing, user-friendly site. Web designers and developers must work in creating user-friendly sites that are also easily searchable by search engines, engage users, and generate conversions. The following facts in this article will help you create an excellent website experience that will inspire people to become your brand evangelists. Read more

5 Best WordPress Staging Plugins to Create a Test Site

5 Best WordPress Staging Plugins to Create a Test Site

There is no question about whether changes are a necessity. They, along with updates, are what keeps a site running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest standards. But not all changes are functional changes. Some simply don’t work out and might even cause your site to suffer pretty negative consequences, even downtime if things go south. Now you might be thinking, “How can one freely add changes to a site without putting it in jeopardy?”. Well, there’s only one way, and that is by creating a staging site. Read more

Where to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

Where to buy premium WordPress themes

If you’re serious about your WordPress website, you probably know that you’re going to need a good theme to really start attracting visitors and raking in that delicious traffic. Simply, websites these days have to look good and be functional if they are to stand any chance in the increasingly competitive online space. Fortunately, WordPress has got you covered because it offers plenty of nice free themes that suit almost all kinds of websites. Read more