Top 5 SaaS Tools for Customer Support

Top Saas Tools for Customer Support

All businesses, regardless of the size, need a customer support system to ensure they are delivering quality service and increasing their consumer loyalty, retention, brand reputation, and other consumer-related factors that determine business sustainability. Read more

How to Bulk Install Plugins

How to Bulk Install Plugins Using a Plugin

One of the most tedious repetitive tasks in setting up a WordPress site is having to upload, install, and activate your favorite plugins one-by-one. This challenge is famous and even more time/resource-consuming when you have multiple websites to install several WordPress plugins. Well, the good news is: this is no longer as challenging as it used to be – there are now ways to bulk install plugins. Read more

The Languages You Should Learn To Do More with Your WordPress Site

Languages you need to master Wordpress

Your ability to create top-notch websites, which is apparently every web developer’s most-cherished goal, won’t just happen by being able to imagine it. Knowledge is always behind every new level of creativity, regardless of how small. In other words, you must learn more before you can do more with your WordPress site. Read more

How to Personalize Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Personalize Saas marketing strategy

Personalizing your SaaS marketing strategy is one of the sure ways to increase your level of engagement and relevance, thereby optimizing sales. In marketing, personalization provides motivating information about the customer’s demographics, location business relationship stands. It reduces acquisition costs by over 50 percent and influences more consumers (59 percent) in their buying decision. Read more

How to Use Keywords in Your Blogging Strategy

How to Use Keywords in Blogging Strategy

For effective marketing, there is a need to strategically include a well-researched keyword phrase on every page of your website. And over the years, there have been changes in how to use keywords for blog posts. These changes are coming as a result of Google’s ever-growing interest in satisfying searchers by first ranking web content with the most reasonable answers for queries on their search engine result pages (SERPs). Read more