11 WordPress Plugins You Need to Craft Better Content: A List of Advanced and Beginner-Friendly Options

Fantastic content is arguably the most important thing on a website. It’s the thing people will come for and hopefully what will make them stay. No matter what kind of content you post, it has to be of good quality. Remember the saying, quality over quantity. This is true for most things, and content is no exception.

High-quality content will improve your #SEO score, especially if you use #keywords that are important for your industry.

Also, make sure that your content targets your desired audience. If you are a beginner, you have to work extra hard to be noticed, and having excellent content can help you with that.

Keep reading to find out which plugins can help you craft content that will get noticed and leave people wanting more.

1. WP Reset

WP Reset

WP Reset is a valuable tool you should have in your arsenal. It is made to help you with developing, debugging, and testing your website. The key to a great website is constantly updating it and improving it. Sometimes, you don’t need to write new content; but instead, you can clean up, edit, and polish your old posts.

Important features of WP Reset include deleting old, outdated content and creating database snapshots. Snapshots are created before you make any significant changes. That way, if you make a mistake and want to go back to a previous version of your site, you can.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to delete specific content and all that is linked to it. When you delete media, files are still left in the uploads folder. You can learn how to delete those using this plugin here.

In case you can’t, for whatever reason, access your website, WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Script has your back. With it, you can disable faulty plugins, check core files, and create a new admin user.

Also, if you want a squeaky clean installation and user account, then the Nuclear Reset feature is your friend. That feature will get rid of everything and leave you with a clean slate.

2. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode/UnderConstructionPage

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a helpful plugin for when you are still working on your website and want to inform your visitors about it through a “coming soon page”. It offers more than 2 million beautiful images and more than 170 themes. Use the images and customize the themes to fit your brand. This way, while you are doing behind-the-scenes work, your visitors won’t arrive at an empty and boring page but rather a visually pleasing and exciting one.

You can customize the page you create to your liking; add a different name, logo, colors, fonts, and more. Plus, the plugin has an SEO setup that will make your page rank higher. It can even collect emails for you more efficiently.

While a coming soon page excites users about something that is yet to come, an under-construction page shows you are improving and tweaking your website.

The UnderConstructionPage plugin is aimed at creating those under-construction pages, so your visitors don’t have to wonder why your website is down.

UnderConstructionPage plugin

The tool has more than 2 million ready-to-use images and more than 260 templates. You can create your own template from scratch. Plus, you can easily customize existing ones and get a fully functional under-construction page.

UnderConstructionPage also provides you with affiliate and traffic tracking using which you can generate inbound links and share them on social media.

3. Simple Author Box Pro

Simple Author Box plugin

Simple Author Box Pro is great when you have a guest writer on your website or blog. A new perspective is refreshing and can bring a new audience to you.

But, when you bring a guest writer to your blog, you have to credit them. This is what this plugin is made for. With it, you can create author boxes, assign guest writers to posts as well as add multiple writers to one post. The author box can show the writer’s name, avatar, description, social links, etc. Plus, the author box itself is also highly customizable; you can change its colors and pick out a template.

4. External Links – nofollow, noopener & new window

External Links

With External Links, you can manage all links, whether they are internal or external. You can set it up to open links in a new window or tab and add nofollow or follow links. There is also an option to add noopener and norefferer link types as well as link icons.

The plugin is entirely SEO-friendly, allowing you to scan complete pages and set attributes such as titles and CSS classes. When you go further down the feature list, you can see built-in actions and filters as well as other network settings.

External Links is a great plugin you can use to filter output and change links in a matter of minutes. You can be sure it will do its job while keeping your content intact.

5. Postaga


Postaga is the plugin you want to have if your goal is to capture more leads and promote your content to new people. With it, you can build links and drive traffic to your website. Postaga creates custom, targeted and automated campaigns for you to help your content reach new audiences.

You can choose a campaign based on your content or specific keywords.

The Mention Outreach feature gets links and generates shares from websites you’ve previously linked to. The Resources Outreach feature works on getting your posts linked in other high-authority posts.

When you pick out a campaign type, Postaga will suggest potential contacts you can reach out to. You can then start creating a personalized email campaign, as well as include teasers of your content in outreach emails.

Postaga puts all of the campaigns, emails, and data in one dashboard, where you can easily track and manage your performance.

6. Word Stats

Word Stats

Word Stats provides you with linguistic diagnostics helping you track your content and improve it as needed. Using it, you can select an author and a period to analyze.

The plugin will track the total word count, number and percentage of posts of each post type, the top 20 keywords, and more. You can also see which posts have basic, intermediate, or advanced readability levels and a graph with a monthly word count.

All of the data provided plays a role in how good your content is. It gives you an idea of what you have to improve and what is doing well. That way, you can work on adding better keywords in your text and on your content’s readability.

7. Instant Images – One Click Unsplash Uploads

Instant Images – One Click Unsplash Uploads

Instant Images allows you to upload images from Unsplash to your website without leaving WordPress.

You can quickly search for the images you need and filter the results by landscape, portrait, or square images. It seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, Media Modal, and page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.

With it, you can also edit the image name, alt text, and caption. Plus, if you want to bring more accessibility to your website, you can include relevant alt descriptions for visually impaired users.

It’s straightforward to use; you only have to click on an image for it to transfer to your media library.

8. PrePost SEO

PrePost SEO

This plugin checks your post’s SEO score before you publish it, allowing you to improve it as needed. With it, you can scan for plagiarism or duplication, check sentences and generate reports.

This plugin’s SEO score checker can now also report on domain and page authority. Moreover, it will scan your whole website and thoroughly analyze its SEO to help you improve it even more.

The plugin allows you to edit your posts in terms of grammar and spelling, giving you details about each mistake. Other features include keyword density calculation, broken link detection, and more.

9. Content Villain

Content Villain

If you need help with your ads, sales emails, or other copy, Content Villain has you covered. It provides you with AI-generated content when you need inspiration.

It features more than 50 generator models and the latest technology to ensure your content is the best of the best. It integrates seamlessly with Zapier and Integromat and allows you to send your content wherever you need it.

Other features include detecting emails from any URL, creating outbound sales emails, and different customer service models.

10. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar plugin makes it easy to precisely see when you published a post and to schedule future posts.

This plugin gives you an overview of your posts and ensures you remember what you need to publish each day. With it, you can drag-and-drop the posts, edit posts in the calendar, and manage your blog.

When you have many posts to publish, you can get confused and forget which day is for which post. Editorial Calendar helps you sort everything out using a handy calendar.

11. Zedity – The Layout-Free Content Editor

Zedity – The Layout-Free Content Editor

Since a post is not complete without some illustrations or images, Zedity helps add those to your content. It also helps you add media such as collages and infographics.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a layout or coding knowledge. Zedity automatically generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. With it, you can also add a video, audio, or image box.

It supports touch screen devices and is highly responsive.

Final Thoughts

You want people to come back to your blog because they like your content. Thus, it’s crucial to create posts that are intriguing and interesting. You don’t have to bombard people with content, but you want the content to be worth reading.

All of the plugins mentioned will help you craft better content for your website or blog. Try them out for yourself and enjoy the benefits.