Easy Ways to Optimize WooCommerce Conversion Rates Like a Professional

Nowadays, eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. All these brands are practically fighting it out to give their visitors the best possible user experience to stay ahead of the competition. . For example, if we take into consideration that consumers at the moment have greater expectations, 50 % will exit a poorly designed eCommerce site in less than 3 seconds.

This article talks about #conversion #rate #optimization (CRO) and how to boost your website with it!

It is crucial to optimize WooCommerce conversion rates, and further, you can read how to do it the easy way.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a powerful method for accelerating your company’s growth and realizing its full potential. It’s all about bridging the gap between website clicks and conversions by improving your website.

The focus of most CRO definitions is on conversion percentages, averages, and benchmarks. Unfortunately, this focus on numbers has a drawback: the more you look at spreadsheets full of conversion data points and activities, the less you pay attention to the people that created them.

When it comes to maintaining an eCommerce business, your conversion rate is crucial to your success.

It’s vital to remember that your goal in online retail isn’t only to get people to visit your site but also, to get them to buy something. A conversion occurs when someone opens an email. Another modification is getting them to click on the email’s call-to-action link.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate research results

A decent conversion rate is greater than 2%, but companies achieve even more than 12%. There was a research that WordSteam did base on 100 different companies, and we have summed up the results for you:

Only around a quarter of all accounts have conversion rates of less than 1%. The median was 2.35 %, while the top 25% of stores had at least double that — 5.31 %. In the far-right red bar, you can see that the top 10% of Google Ads marketers had account conversion rates of 11.45%.

When making a direct comparison, however, determining what a reasonable conversion rate is might be difficult. Stores in the same industry may have various sources of traffic, various client connections, and websites that are as distinct as night and day. Now we will talk about how you can make it and secure your place with companies with a conversion above at least 2%.

1. Make Testing a Routine

Planner on the desk

Businesses nowadays make CRO plans and then fail to implement them. As a result, a CRO endeavor might be postponed or put on hold due to a lack of time, inadequate resources, or unforeseen initiatives. Your conversion rates, on the other hand, will come to a grinding halt if this happens.

Minor variations in your conversion rate may occur, but they will not assist you in attaining a decent conversion rate. Therefore, you must set aside time for CRO and make CRO a habit if you want to achieve a high conversion rate.

You can make it a routine, such as setting a calendar reminder or writing it down into your planner. Then, time block your schedule, create personal goals to achieve better and higher conversion rates, etc.

2. Make Your Product Pages More Effective

Don’t hesitate; make use of breadcrumbs. People will be able to locate things if they get organized by product hierarchy and visitor history.

The navigation on your website should be simple. With sophisticated algorithms and difficult-to-find websites, you don’t want to turn off first-time visitors.

Include titles that are SEO-friendly. To naturally get more appropriate visitors that suit the style of your shop better, your labels should be appealing, contextual, and keyword-rich.

Make sure you’re utilizing high-resolution product photos. Create the most outstanding product pages in the industry by following the newest design trends. Virtual trial rooms can be created using cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

3. Make Sure Your Pricing Is Correct


Even if your product pages are excellent, the unreasonable price might be a deal-breaker. However, we don’t have to tell you that the eCommerce market is very competitive, and sellers operate on razor-thin profit margins.

If you want to stay afloat in this competitive market, you must maintain your rates competitive and your product quality good. In addition, to attract buyers, if you offer branded things, your prices should be at or below average.

4. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Conversion rates are more suitable on mobile-optimized retailers than on non-mobile-optimized websites. It is because mobile devices account for approximately a third of all retail transactions.

You may use the following tips to make your eCommerce site appear and operate well on mobile devices:

  • Minify your code and compress your pictures to make your site load faster.
  • It is helpful to include product demonstrations and client testimonials in videos.
  • Build your website using responsive designs and menus that appear nicely on small displays, such as “hamburger” style menus.
  • Concentrate on mobile SEO.

5. Incorporate Social Proof

Thumbs up

Adding social proof to your website is a brilliant marketing move that can boost your conversion rates. People are wary of internet buying and are suspicious of new websites or businesses. As a result, you may use many sorts of social evidence to enhance trust and boost your authenticity. We all know that online marketing is a massive hit for all kinds of businesses nowadays.

You can, for example, offer customer testimonials and reviews, as the positive experiences of others may entice visitors to make a purchase. You may also display the number of downloads, on-site clients in real-time, video evidence, and other information. Even show product that is the bestseller of the month etc.

Customer reviews are the most acceptable approach to persuade clients to click on your site since the social proof is based on the psychological phenomena that individuals tend to follow the masses.

WooCommerce has several social proof plugins that you can use to add this feature to your site quickly.

6. Support in Real-Time

Customer support

Customers are skeptical of internet buying. As previously said, therefore, you must build your site to eliminate any potential for questions or mistrust between you and your clients. Even so, having a live chat help on your eCommerce site. It gives visitors a sense of security.

What is the reason behind this? Because it sends the idea that you are there to assist them 24/7, any time when they have dilemmas or questions. It also enables you to build genuine relationships with your consumers and learn about their preferences and perspectives, resulting in more conversions.

7. Improve Your Design

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The appearance of your website may have a significant influence on conversion rates. When selecting a theme, consider compatibility with existing plugins and extensions and ease of use and navigation. Shoppers always return to websites with an easy-to-navigate theme, but they would never return to one with a complex and crowded site.

Keep your website basic and highlight call-to-action buttons and other crucial material on your landing page while developing it. By doing so, you won’t regret doing it. Remove extraneous text and fields and stick to complementing colors.

With color tones, you will better identify your corporate style. Your theme should also be mobile-friendly, as mobile devices account for more than 80% of all online sales.

A responsive website design serves as a lead magnet with the ability to boost conversion rates. In addition, responsive designs are one method for retailers to capitalize on the increased amount of mobile traffic. Your site should also adapt to multiple screen sizes and resolutions to maintain an excellent conversion rate.

8. “Only a Few Left !” Alert

Only-few-left alert

Using limited amounts is a similar technique to the time constraint, which gives the impression of scarcity. When something is scarce, individuals take longer to determine whether or not to buy it out of fear of losing it. Your leads will feel compelled to make a purchase as quickly as feasible as a result of this. And get creative with it. For example, create a CTA to go along with the stock left instead of simply presenting it.


So, here are the best ways to boost up your WooCommerce conversion. However, they cannot all have to work for you.

Conversion rate optimization is a time-consuming procedure that needs regular testing and assessment to determine whether or not it is effective.

However, slight modifications to your site, such as redesigning it, deleting forms, adding social proof, and so on, may make a big difference. So, concentrate your efforts on testing and modifications. It will attract your ideal lead or consumer rather than anybody else in your market.