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Ultimate Guide to Redirects

Changing the URL of an existing page on your WordPress site without creating redirects could hurt the website’s user experience and your digital presence, regardless of your many good reasons for doing so. Read more

Where to buy premium WordPress themes

If you’re serious about your WordPress website, you probably know that you’re going to need a good theme to really start attracting visitors and raking in that delicious traffic. Simply, websites these days have to look good and be functional if they are to stand any chance in the increasingly competitive online space. Fortunately, WordPress has got you covered because it offers plenty of nice free themes that suit almost all kinds of websites. Read more

Social media marketing blog traffic

Did you know that there are currently more than 3 billion active users spread across just a handful of the major social media platforms in the world today? It’s true, and names like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all leading the way. Read more

Top 3 Chatbot Plugins for WordPress

Running a website is a 24/7 job. You have to constantly be able to respond to emails, queries, and issues raised by your visitors and customers, meaning that you need to be online all the time, but that is impossible. Luckily, web developers have created chatbots, which are automated chat systems that enable your visitors to ask questions and receive answers immediately. Read more

Best WordPress plugins for real estate

Running a real estate website is not an easy thing to do. There are many little things that you need to make sure are working properly, along with checking the market, running your blog, advertising an online business, and finding customers. Read more

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is the key to attaining maximum efficiency and productivity within your business, but we can all agree that it can be a pain in the back, am I right? Read more

Guide for Dropshipping with AliExpress

In this generation of the internet, there are many opportunities to start a business on the online platform with negligible investment. Read more