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How to Promote Your Wordpress Plugin

So, after many hours of work, your plugin is now ready to be used, but there’s a problem on the horizon. How do you promote it and get WordPress users to use it? For people that are more focused on the technical part, not knowing where to start can cause a headache. Read more

The Evolution of Digital Marketing and Its Current Trends

With over 160 million people using social media on a regular basis, digital marketing has come up as the best way of marketing. Read more

When and Why Should You Migrate to a Stronger Ecommerce Platform

At the turn of the millennium, retail was ruled by grandiose shopping malls housing hundreds of stores. As soon as the “biggest mall in the world” was opened there was another opening just a few months down the line, looking to grab the moniker. It almost seemed like a race, that just kept getting bigger and bigger. Read more

How to Choose the Best Sort of Hosting for Your Website

When the time to finally go online with your website comes, you’ll want to thoroughly think through what the best type of hosting for you and your needs is. Plunging into it headfirst could very easily backfire with unwanted results and the unanticipated feeling of your wallet and site being exploited. Read more

How to Create a Logo From Scratch Using AI

A designer crafted logo is a core element of any company marketing. It is this tiny depiction that symbolizes all your business. That is why logo creation is a profitable business these days. And many art studios ask for full funding, giving no guarantees of a profitable result. Read more

Green Wordpress Hosting Company Saves Swamp

Mostly known for working with clients of a high profile from local municipalities and governments, Seravo is a European hosting company passionate about green technology and the environment. Read more

How to Customize Google Maps for Your Wordpress Site

Adding your business’s real location is more important than you might think. Not only do you show your clients how close you are and what route to take, you make yourself seem more professional and reliable by adding more details about you and your business. Read more

5 Ways Marketer Can Boost Crisis Communications

All types of organizations must always be prepared for a wide scope of possible emergencies, including extreme weather, fire, terrorist attack, security breach, or other such PR episodes. Read more