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Ultimate Guide to Redirects

Changing the URL of an existing page on your WordPress site without creating redirects could hurt the website’s user experience and your digital presence, regardless of your many good reasons for doing so. Read more

Top 7 plugins to speed up WordPress

Are you satisfied with the speed and overall responsiveness of your WordPress site? If not, should you even try to speed up your WordPress site? Read more

Languages you need to master Wordpress

Your ability to create top-notch websites, which is apparently every web developer’s most-cherished goal, won’t just happen by being able to imagine it. Knowledge is always behind every new level of creativity, regardless of how small. In other words, you must learn more before you can do more with your WordPress site. Read more

5 Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins

If you work with WordPress, you must face a website migration challenge at some point. You might have to move or copy to a new domain or change web hosts. Or, if you’ve been developing your or a client’s website on a local server, you’d have to migrate it to a live website server for launching. Read more

Pros and Cons of Switching Ecommerce Platforms

With the advancement of technology, it is now easier than ever to start an e-commerce business and turn it into a steady source of income. Not to mention that there are now a handful of e-commerce platforms that allows you to start an online store. Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing Like a Boss

If you’re thinking of discarding the idea of the traditional work schedule and replacing it with a flexible work schedule, then freelancing is the way to go! But, as with other things in life, deciding to do something and turning it into reality are two different concepts. Read more

How to make money on Social Media

The days when social media was just for fun are long gone. Today, social media is an essential part of our lives and, for some, even a source of income. This comes as no surprise considering that half of the world’s population has an account on multiple social media platforms. Read more