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The Best AI Content Generators for Content Marketers: Use the Most Advanced Technology to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Ever since 2021 rolled in, it seems like AI has been getting more popular by the minute. If you are inclined to follow trends and like to take chances, why not give AI content generators a try? We have created a list of the best AI content generators. Take a look and choose the ones that will suit you and your need the best! Read more

How to Translate Your WordPress Website in 2019

The global economy has opened the potential market in an unforeseeable way, creating opportunities for expanding small, local businesses onto foreign markets. This sounds fantastic, and appears simple – expanding the customer list via the internet does not appear to be a big investment for an already established online business. However, the most basic and crucial issue here lies in the key aspect – the language of the website. Read more

Ways to optimize WooCommerce conversion rates

Nowadays, eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. All these brands are practically fighting it out to give their visitors the best possible user experience to stay ahead of the competition. When you consider that current consumers have higher expectations, statistics have shown that 50 % will exit a poorly designed eCommerce site in less than 3 seconds. Read more

Common WordPress login issues and how to fix them

The first ‘gateway’ that your new customers come across is your site. If your site runs a WordPress CMS, not thinking about the security of WordPress is the same as not thinking about the security of your business, income, and presence in the online world. Read more

Top 5 Free Shopify Apps to Help You Grow Your

Have you been trying to grow your store? But could not find the right tools for that? Well, we know the struggle of finding the right fits. Read more

Top 8 Free Wordpress Themes for Writers & Authors

You always had a secret passion for writing, and you finally feel ready to publish your work (stories, poems, blogs, it simply doesn’t matter)? Then, WordPress is the ideal place for you. Even if you are beginning to present your writings to the world, it will help you deliver them to the readers the right way. Read more

Common Characteristics of Top Online Stores: Improve Your Business by Taking Notes From the Competition

About 25% of the world’s consumers shop online, and as you could imagine, that’s a huge market of almost 2 billion people. Read more

How to Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Page: Quick and Simple Tutorial

There’s plenty of reasons why you should create a Google My Bussiness listing, but the primary one is that it’s highly advantageous for your local SEO. Read more