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Ultimate Guide to Redirects

Changing the URL of an existing page on your WordPress site without creating redirects could hurt the website’s user experience and your digital presence, regardless of your many good reasons for doing so. Read more

How to Prepare Images for Social Media

The world of online marketing and promotions has seen many changes and shifts in its long existence. Still, the most significant changes occurred with Social Media showing up and overtaking the number 1 position as the most effective advertising tool. Read more

Quick Guide to WooCommerce Photography

While a well-written copy is surely a significant element, the first thing that meets the prospects’ eye is the visuals. As online businesses are blooming, the owners are adopting new ways of attracting even more customers. Read more

Sites With Free Illustrations

Illustrations are a crucial part of both design and non-design projects. They make the project more appealing and help you to convey your message better. A project/design without illustrations can be done, but it might seem bland or even outdated, considering the popularity of illustrations in all areas of modern design. The level of popularity illustrations has was achieved largely due to the fact that they work well in whichever way you use them. Read more

Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress

You may wonder about why do you need, or why do you want a notification bar, or notification bar plugin. Well, there are many benefits to using those plugins. From growing your mailing list to sharing news. Read more

Top 7 WooCommerce Themes for beginners

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce themes for your business? Need them to be simple and easy to use, yet interesting enough to capture the attention of your target audience? Read more

Create a newsletter people will read

Creating an email newsletter requires balancing various factors simultaneously. There are lots of key components that go into making a newsletter, and if you don’t want yours to end up in the junk mail, I suggest you keep reading to find out how to make yours stand out from the rest! Read more