Which Are the Best Social Video Making Tools? Keep Up With the Trends and Stylish Video

Nowadays, following trends is of great importance when you decide to have an online presence. For the best possible results, you have to keep up with the times. While talking today about social media, marketing, or anything else that takes an online presence. Also, video is considered one of the most significant features for success, and it is out of great importance.

This #article will provide you with a list of the #best #video-making tools. Read on and learn more!

We can count video as a type of content that is today more popular than ever and seems indispensable. No matter what the topic is, you can create an online video about it. However, creating a video can be an easy and simple process because all you need is to choose the tools to make great videos.

1. Pictory


Suppose you have some essential and quality content of any kind, and you want to turn it into a short video. Then, Pictory is an ideal tool for that. This video will help you attract and convey information to your audience.

So, without any coding knowledge, you can create a great short video that you will be able to share further on any destination.

We consider that this tool is the best for content creators, marketers, and eLearning instructors. Because it allows you to scan your long video or text and extract highlights that will make up a short video. Further, Pictory will customize it all to yourself and your visual preferences and needs.

This tool is straightforward and fast because you will create what you want in just a few minutes. Pictory also recognizes speech and transcribes it, and then you control how the text is displayed. It is a trendy type of video today on social channels.

Another thing that makes Pictory so good is that this tool supports videos in over 20 different languages.

So, long text can very quickly become a short video with all the highlights from the text. Then many things that you usually need for a quality video for social channels can be added.

2. Magisto


Magisto lets you transform your pictures and videos into amazing videos for your social networks.

You will first select the photos and videos you want to include in your video. Further, you can choose the style of video editing or the type of story you are telling. And finally, you will select your music from Magisto’s built-in music library. Then, this AI video editing tool will analyze and process your video in the best way.

This app helps you organize your footage in the video that best conveys the message you have in mind. That way, you will be able to share the same video anywhere and send your message that way.

Magisto is available for Android, iOS but also as an online web editor. This tool uses an automated AI engine that allows you to create incredible videos automatically.

What is also important to emphasize is that no prior knowledge is required about editing videos or any technical knowledge. Because this application is effortless.

However, with Magisto, you will only have to do the same thing you have been doing anyways, taking pictures and videos. Magisto will do everything else for you to create a fantastic video as the end product.

3. Hyperlapse


Hyperlapse is an application created by Instagram and allows you to create amazing time-lapse videos very easily.

We know how significant these videos are because they involve shooting something that usually takes some time. For example, sunset is something that will grab everyone’s attention. It can also be something else. With this app, you can create these videos even when moving, walking, running, etc. You can speed up your video as you wish.

Once your desired video is ready, you can save it to your phone only, or you can share it on Instagram or Facebook.

4. InShot


Another fantastic app for creating videos for social networks is InShot. This application is available for iOS and Android devices. It will even enable you to create beautiful videos for any social platform speedily and efficiently. Because this practical application allows you to crop, speed up or add music and filters to videos.

Also,  everything that will make a video great. Although there is a free version, there is a pro version to use more advanced and even better features.


It is necessary to emphasize how important it is to use the video type of content. Because the video is something, you can always find time to watch. It is the type of content that can hold attention, while sometimes we know to skip text as a well-known type of content because it simply hates us to read.

So, to keep the attention of your audience, take advantage of these simple tools like Pictory.

It will surely help you create great videos.