Top Code Assessment Platforms for Software Engineers: Test Programming Skills With Ease

Every software engineer is an individual for himself. Even though everyone adheres to some ideas, practices, and unwritten norms, each person’s code will be distinct and unique. So, given the same problem, each engineer has a solution and a plan for putting it into action. Some answers are typically better and more efficient than others.

To see and determine whether the code is good, efficient, and written according to standards, it is possible to do it manually, i.e., go through the code and review it. But there is a better way to do it – code assessment tools. Below we are bringing you details about the tools you can use to do this.

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In this article, you will find five top code assessment platforms for soft engineers. Buckle up, and let us help you find the one that suits your needs the best!



CodeSignal is the first company to develop a skill assessment platform. Over time, this platform has become standard in the selection and employment processes in many companies such as Uber, Facebook, Zoom, Asana, etc.

In addition to the Test product, customers of this platform have access to Interview and Certify products, which you can pair with the former. After an interview via the CodeSignal platform, which provides many possibilities such as pair programming, use the Test part of the platform to assess the engineer’s knowledge with the task of working independently.



Coderbyte is the number one platform for assessing coding skills in the industry. Proof of this is the list with the names of users of this platform. Samsung, Mastercard, Gigster, Typeform, and others are a few giant companies that trust Coderbyte.

The assessment process on this platform has three steps:

  • Screening – challenges and questions with automatic grading
  • Interviews – online interview with code pairing option in a live coding environment
  • Projects – assignments that candidates work independently, so-called take-home assignments

This platform provides the ability to test the coding skills of software engineers in more than 30 programming languages. Some of them are C, C # / .NET, Dart, HTML / CSS, Java, Kotlin and Swift.



CodinGame is an all-in-one technology platform for studying and evaluating software developers’ coding abilities. Like the previous one, this platform is made up of three steps.

Previously, there were two; however, CodinGame decided on an additional step that is a complete refreshment and novelty because it is characteristic of them. The steps are:

  • Screening – gamified online tests to assess coding knowledge
  • Sourcing – a new service, matching service, introduced by this platform that allows finding top-notch developers and engineers in a community of over 2 million members
  • Retain – a step that is more focused on team building

In situations like this, the numbers speak volumes about quality and success. In terms of numbers, this platform has a community of over 2 million members, 50% cheaper hiring expenses, over 14 million completed code challenges, and a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate.



CoderPad is a platform for technical interviews that helps developers and engineers to share and demonstrate their coding knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

Simultaneously, it guarantees that people who require it know how developers think and work. CoderPad does all this with the help of technical assessments, take-home projects, and live pair programming.

There are three crucial steps to achieve the desired result, and CoderPad defines them as:

  • Technical assessment – assessment of skills with automatic scoring, ranking, and reporting
  • Take-home project – the developer/engineer works on the project alone so that developer can analyze his skills more deeply
  • Live coding interview – joint writing, execution, and debugging of code in a collaborative environment

CoderPad provides a large selection of programming languages and frameworks for assessments, and just some of them are React, Swift, C ++, Python, Java, and Javascript.



DevSkiller is another platform for estimating the coding skills of software engineers and developers. If not the most realistic, then definitely one of the most realistic platforms on the market, entirely without whiteboards.

DevSkiller’s TalentScore has three steps:

  • Define and select skills to be tested – almost 4 thousand ready-made tasks that reflect use cases from real life but which are at the same time completely customizable
  • Send the test invite – the step by which the developer or engineer gets the task to do
  • Get test results – has automatic and objective scoring that is saved in a sharable report

In addition to software engineers, this platform offers the possibility of assessment and Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Fullstack developers, Mobile developers, DevOps engineers, and many others.


You will indeed find yourself in a situation where you want or need to assess someone’s knowledge and coding skills. Following this text, it is more than likely that you will choose to do so using one of the platforms specified above and discussed.

It makes no difference if you are a corporation or an independent developer.

It will simply give better and faster results than doing it in any other way because you can only find these possibilities and options on these platforms.