Top 5 Sales Enablement Software & Platforms in 2021

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to use sales enablement apps in everyday business. According to research, companies that use this type of software to improve their business have increased their sales by 15%. However, such software we have to use in conjunction with CRM software.

Take a look at this article and read about the #top five #sales #enablement software and platforms.

The ultimate goal is to increase sales efficiency while reducing costs which leads to improved profitability. Accordingly, we will present you in this article with the five best sales enablement software and platforms that you can implement in your business today.

Ready? Then without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Seismic


The first on today’s modest list is a platform called Seismic. It occupies the place of one of the best applications in enabling sales, exclusively for modern audiences. With this platform, all users will get a personalized experience backed by a phenomenal team of experts. Also, using this software delivers tools that will allow vendors in the market to move faster.

Seismic accelerates growth and revenue, includes the teams needed to elevate each department to a new level. Further, it makes it easier for salespeople to conduct sales while enhancing content from different distribution channels.

2. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is known as one of the best platforms for enabling sales with powerful CRM software. In the Sales Hub, you can use several features. Some of them are pre-made email templates to save time, track emails, manage documents and share them via Gmail or Outlook, and more.

HubSpot also offers online courses and certifications. These courses will help educate users of this platform and the entire team behind this fantastic creation.

3. Mediafly


The goal of the Mediafly platform is to give commercial teams the confidence to use unique sales-enabled software. This fantastic app lets salespeople, retailers, and sales teams create new sales content easily and influentially. Also, it is possible to conduct training for new salespeople.

That way, make them reliable for performing the sales process and agreements. It is essential to mention that presentation is crucial in this business. With the help of insight into data and content, you will be able to identify what your final content should look like more easily.

4. ClearSlide


ClearSlide is software created to make all interactions with customers successful. It is excellent for marketing professionals and sales teams. The best part is that the software itself is regularly updated.

That way the software is providing a new generation system for managing clients and teams. One of the features is that each customer has access to communication that they can conduct via the internet, email, cell phone, or face to face. To increase productivity, integration with Slack, Salesforce, Gmail, and other applications is possible.

5. Highspot


Software like Highspot functions as a tool that can enable companies to sell with the help of applications that work with AI. It is a sales-rich software wealthy with features that provide many opportunities to the users. Its specialty lies in providing insight into the content that the team has identified as valuable.

Also, its search function contributes to further improvement. You can use the filtering option, which is available to everyone. It is equipped with a guide for strategy, improving the skills and engagement of its customers.


We have reached the end of our suggestions for improving the sales process in your business.

When it comes to sales facilitation platforms, many have confused the concept of marketing and sales in this case.

Although the essence is that marketing is a crucial driver of sales, it is an essential element of the entire business process, including the sales segment. We have narrowed your selection down to the top five, of which we hope you find the best one for you.