Tools to Create the Best Rich Media Banners: Design Your Own Banner and Impress Customers

Today, when using the Internet every day, it is almost impossible not to encounter banner ads that appear on websites of different topics. Also, they look different, or according to the desires of their owners, they have different impacts on users. But, one thing they have in common is that they all have the same goal. And that goal is to attract users to click on these advertisements to visit the website and further convert.

You want to make a #rich media #banner for your campaign? Take a look at this article, we have listed the best #tools that can help you achieve your goals!

Here, we can see a difference between banners in conventional ads like those in newspapers and magazines that visually offer the same. However, an online banner also provides something that print advertising cannot. It will provide to the potential customer to bring them directly to your website.

So, it is pretty clear what role banners play in the online world today.

What Are Rich Media Banners?

Rich media banners are a form of digital advertisement which includes various types of elements. Just some of these elements can be media like video, audio, and image. Also, they may be animated, or even their content may be animated.

The fact that rich media banners are interactive makes them different and much better than other banners.

Also, this allows users to interact with your advertisement. Considering that these banners are interactive, they tend to increase viewer engagement and increase the number of click-throughs and conversions. Many types of research support the previous statement so far, and in fact, they have 279% more viewers than other banners.

It doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer. Desire to be your master and create this kind of visual to improve your business is expected. Also, if you want to send a specific message to the audience, it is essential to use particular tools whose primary task is to help you create the highest quality visuals.

Below are some of these tools with more detailed views of the same.

1. Canva


This tool, probably well known to everyone, will help you create a powerful visual quickly and easily. Canva will give you the wide range of options it provides. So, the libraries that this tool has abounded in many designs, images, graphics, letters. Although Canva is free and allows you to create a beautiful visual for free, there is also an upgraded option.

However, in this case, it unlocks additional features, including photos, fonts, icons, shapes. Also, you have the opportunity to use simple tools and filters for photo editing. As part of this tool, various courses and tutorials are available to help you find your way and learn how to create a rich media banner. Regardless of your level of knowledge because this tool is beginner-friendly.

2. Creatopy


Creatopy is easy to use tool since it works with the drag and drop function. So, it is not complicated as more advanced design programs where you have to have at least basic knowledge. With this tool, you can create professional banners in minutes, even if you are a beginner because it is pretty much self-explanatory.

You can start creating by selecting one of the many templates you will have access to in Creatopy. You can even create designs by adding elements, of which there are many in the libraries of this tool, by simply dragging and dropping.

One of the great things about Creatopy is that you are not limited to creating stationary posts, but you can also create animated visuals. As mentioned, Creatopy has many designs and templates. Also, you will have stock photos available to customize what suits you to make the best banner possible.

In addition to the free plan that allows you to use Creatopy with great features and create unique designs, Creatopy also offers various subscription options. Also, a lot of incredibly advanced features are included in the subscription through individual and team plans.

3. OnlyMega


OnlyMega is also a tool for creating banners that you can use even without any programming skills. You can create any type of banner in just a few simple ways. OnlyMega has many high-quality templates, which they improve and expand regularly. You have the opportunity to customize each available template to yourself and your wishes and needs and change it by changing colors, fonts, and the like.

However, this tool allows you a completely different approach when presenting to the audience, creating well popular banners. Once you have made the desired banner, you can export it according to your needs and desires.

A significant thing to note when describing this tool is that it allows you to create responsive banners that will do the job successfully. Also, OnlyMega will provide you the option to display these banners on mobile devices. And this is very important today because many users use a mobile phone to surf the Internet.

Several subscription packages are available within this tool, and each one starts with a 14-day free trial.


So, as we have already seen in the text, the primary task of today’s popular banners is to increase awareness of your brand. Also, to achieve quality traffic to your website, which is a significant segment of an online presence.

There is no set pattern with other types of advertising because each campaign is unique and has its characteristics and desires.

However, it should always be studied and improved, and every company must follow some basic rules.

Once you figure out what makes a banner rich, with the help of these tools, you will be able to create just such a banner that will improve your online presence and help you achieve wanted results.