Tips To Make Your Blog SEO-Friendly For Maximum Profit

“Blogging” is the new buzzword of this century. Look around, and you’ll see almost everyone thinking about starting a blog or working on their existing blog. In a nutshell, people who think they are good at content creation, they opt for blogging to make some money online. It’s true that with blogging, you can make some big fat cash, but on the other hand, there’s another fact that this whole process will take some real-time effort. Not just this, but also need to be ready for a lot of time consumption because that’s what this career demands.

Speaking of blogging, what do you think makes a blog profitable? How exactly do you earn profit out of it? Do you just write some content and post it to get paid? Well, no! It’s not that easy.

You see, when you start a blog, you have to have a firm grip on SEO. Without SEO, there’s no point in running one, especially if you are looking to make money out of it.

There are companies out there like sitecentre that can help you make your blog SEO friendly because, honestly, it’s not easy at all! SEO is one of the most complex yet the most important things. So if you want to focus on other chores along with writing blogs, then you do need the assistance of such a professional company.

Other than all of this, here are some useful tips that can help you make your blog SEO friendly and drive the amount of traffic for you that you need.

1- Proper keyword research

For those who know about SEO, a bit understand the importance of keyword research. You can take it this way that SEO revolves around keyword research. The better you are at keyword research, and the better you are at using those keywords in your content, the more fruit you’ll get out of your blog. You need to find out the type of content that your users will be interested in, and then you need to search for the keywords that they’ll be using to reach that content. It’s not a guessing game, so don’t go easy with it.


2- Write an effective blog post title

Have you ever clicked on a Youtube video just because the thumbnail and the title raised your curiosity levels? Well, if yes, then the same rule applies here, and it’s important to understand the user psyche here.

People will click on your blog only if they find it interesting or informative. This is where the title of your blog becomes important.

Remember, it’s not a guessing game; in fact, it’s a research game. Think like a user, think about the title that would impress you and force you to click on it.

3- Add SEO optimized images and videos to your blog

You need to increase the value of your blog and believe it or not; people find it quite boring when all they see on a webpage is some content written. They want interesting images and catchy videos to look into when they visit your blog. Not just any images or videos, but you should be putting SEO optimized ones so that Google knows that you are delivering quality content to your visitors which you should take into consideration even when you’re inserting screenshots. This is when it will increase the rank of your website where you’ll get more traffic from. Once you’ve snatched the right images and prepared the amazing content that your audience will simply eat up, make sure you have the right plugin by your side to import them before you can say “success”.

add seo optimized images


These are just a few tips that can help you kick start an SEO friendly blog for increased profit. There’s a lot more that you need to look into. If you don’t have the kind of time for it, then just use the SEO services of the pros. These people have years of experience, and they sure know how to boost your site’s rank on search engines.