Summarize and analyze meetings with an AI assistant

Since the earliest days of our education, we have been taught to take notes. To keep a physical track of what we did or learned. And every class, job, mentor, or teacher had its own method of how efficient it should be. But that just created a generation incapable of proper note-taking, especially after the rise of the internet. These kids, or at this point full grown adults, perceived note-taking as a chore.


But when it comes to working, not taking is radically different. Instead of a chore that gains you favor it can be a key component in your job efficiency. From the simplest method of writing down your deadlines to more didactic methods such as a mind map. It is an incredibly important method of memorization that helps you process new information.

That being said it’s still incredibly boring to actually do. Especially if you’re not great at multitasking or are a slow writer.

That’s why it’s important to have tools like Instaminutes. Keeping detailed notes can be really difficult in a hectic work environment. But unlike students who use note-taking as a method of learning, you can use some nifty shortcuts. Instaminutes can automatically take notes from your online meeting. Thus allowing you to fully focus on the meeting at hand. By automatically recording meetings you ensure every little detail gets remembered.

Which can often be overlooked when it comes to keeping notes with a pen and paper. Automatically taking notes through Instaminutes means that your productivity skyrockets too. After all, you’re spending less and less time scribbling away in your notebook.

Meeting Notes

Instaminutes works on all the prime meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and so on. So even if you work on multiple platforms you can rest assured that Instaminutes is fully compatible. As you continue to use it, Instaminutes will grow and adapt to your note-taking style. Instead of transcribing the entire meeting, it’ll learn what parts of the meeting are key and summarize them.

By keeping track of points that are important to you Instaminutes creates an efficient environment with minimal distraction. Meetings are situations that can have a lot of potential background noise. From chatty coworkers to offtopic discussions. These can clutter up your notes, making revision difficult. While some find that keyword note-taking is a productive endeavor, most people find it too hard and overly conceptual.

This is due to the fact that some people have stronger memorization capabilities. But since most people can’t recall large parts of a meeting through just a few words, they need a more detailed approach. That detailed approach takes time and effort which means you’re risking your productivity.


Considering that Instaminutes is also a Chrome extension, you’ll be able to keep track of your notes at any time. From instantaneous key points during a meeting to an important reminder. By having a Chrome extension you’re effectively keeping an AI assistant at all times. Perfect for any sort of online management position, this tool allows managers to work with their colleagues while simultaneously keeping notes.

It’s very important to emphasize how strong of a tool this is for managers. Unlike regular employees, they have the extra effort of keeping track of everyone. And trying to do that by hand is nearly impossible. Therefore it’s no surprise that Instaminutes is specifically recommended for new project managers that need that extra effort in their new assignment.


There’s yet another benefit of using Instaminutes. And that’s its unification aspect. If you’re a veteran note-taker you probably have dozens of notebooks lying around in an incoherent mess. But with Instaminutes you have everything in the palm of your hand. With its advanced search options, you can find any note or key point you took no matter how obscure or old it was.

This interconnectivity means you’ll be able to connect multiple projects and raise your efficiency. Noticing a repeating mistake that you quickly jot down may help your teams immensely as you remind them that you’ve handled this before. These sorts of mistakes happen often and being able to cut them off is an incredible asset to your work efficiency. As Instaminutes can easily be integrated with other platforms you’ll not only be able to automatically take notes during meetings, but you’ll also be able to reference them on your own time.


While working on your social media management you come across in your notes some fun facts. These little notes can help you drive further engagement as you bridge the gap between employees and end users. And if you’re a sales representative you could use these notes to further improve your own performance. While managers look to use this tool for easier employee management, other career paths also have immense use. From simple memorization to critically important self-evaluation.

To put it simply everyone can use Instaminutes. Its powerful note-taking AI can summarize your meetings, classes, and any other online video conference. By summarizing and analyzing your meetings you massively improve your own productivity and the general efficiency of your workplace.