How to Start a Blog Without Experience | Avoid Working for Work’s Sake

People will believe you if your information is helpful and you don’t sound over-the-top try-hard. Share new information with them in bits and pieces with the parts you have already mastered. You will allow yourself to grow with your audience and create a community of like-minded individuals doing something with your lives.

You have to be there to appear, just as you have to remove the assumptions of reaching that success to get there.

Don’t be afraid to move through it as the growth you experience will be exponential.

You have to step through the doorway to experience the other side. Speculating will only create a grayer picture.

The first step you need to take is to start blogging.

If you have absolutely no money to start with, check out the free WordPress option or Blogger. As WordPress is more than ideal for me, I heavily recommend it. As you make more money, you will want to upgrade to your hosting and domain name, and WordPress makes those changes rather seamless.

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If you have a few dollars to spend, $10 and $85 should be the beginning range. $10 will get you your domain name, and up to $85 can get you hosting to go with it.
There are deals everywhere to help you find names and hosting as a package or separately, so take a look around.

I usually use GoDaddy or HostGator. I have also used PowWeb without any issues. Pick the deal that suits your needs best.

When picking your blog topic or niche, choose something you have unconscious competence with.

Making the first step as easy as possible without creating problems for yourself will allow you to start reaching for larger goals sooner. This stuff does not happen overnight.

You must stay prepared as you go along, this will help create your luck and opportunities, and you can attain larger goals sooner by doing only the things that will make progress for you now, and progress you towards the larger goals you have for your future.

How to create a WordPress account

How to create a WordPress account

Go to WordPress, set up your free blog, or within your hosting account if you went that route.

How to choose a blogging theme

After the blog is created, you will install a free template to give the site a new look that fits you and your niche’s taste. There are soo many free templates available to you, and it should not be hard to find a look you are satisfied to start with.

You can check out Woothemes if you are interested in Premium WordPress themes. Paying for a premium theme upfront is usually reserved for individuals who have a good chunk of money, to begin with, or have been doing this and are reinvesting the money earned online.

So go with the free theme that covers your basic needs for now.

How to get started publishing your first article

Next you need to get some content up there for people to find. You can click on the Posts tab and come up with a handful of “content” to get your site started.
Take a few extra minutes and make these very high quality as you want to start with the best base you can. 500 words or so should be fine to start with, just make sure your message is clear, and it makes your visitors want to come back for more.

Talking about something you are totally competent with should make 500 words easy to accomplish. I’ve put out 1700 words in 30 minutes so don’t set any limitations up for yourself, you can do it if you want to enough.

Pick an imaginary character to write to in your mind. Specifying someone and “talking to them” will help the message be more clear than if you were to let the words just spill out into your article as you type.

How to get the first traffic on the blog

The most popular places that will get you traffic soon are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Cell phones. You know people, you probably already have some contacts, so you can start pointing people in the direction of your site right from the beginning. If you have the information they find valuable or entertaining, you have one foot in the door to making some money online.
By promoting your link through those sites, groups on those sites, and getting people on those sites to recommend your site to others, you create a traffic stream that can go viral at the push of a publish (like or share) button.

Within blogging, you can use Google Adsense (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, membership site, etc. to monetize your site and make money.

How to earn money from your site. You can use Google AdSense


I mentioned YouTube earlier in the post, and I want you to know how useful this tool can be. Not only can you create videos, but you can comment on others’ videos. By finding a “viral video” related to your niche, you can post a comment with a link back to your site on it. For every person who watches the video worldwide, you have a chance of attracting that visitor to your site to make money. Just think about it.

You can go viral too, you simply have to be out there with something that is you, yours, and useful. If you are passionate about it, there is a good chance someone else will find it interesting too. You only need to go find them. Don’t limit yourself, you can get access to anybody with the right mindset and determination.

Be determined to find success in something greater than the material things here. Yes they are nice and you want them or need them, but you need them for the freedom it provides you, it won’t give you the happiness you need, the happiness comes from removing all of your unhappiness. So stop being unhappy, and go blog about something you are passionate about.

You will be determined to get going on it, determined to see some success, and determined to create a greater life situation for yourself. Stay determined and stay in the right mindset.
See my 9 Step Guide to Think Like a Highly Successful Entrepreneur if you don’t have the mindset adopted yet.


Think of ways to make it work for you.

YouTube is great because Google loves them already. High page rank linking to your site means a faster rank for your site and articles. That means more potential money, sooner. You only need to prepare those pages and links for those visitors so that you can convert sales when the traffic comes clicking in.

By linking Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to your site, you reach the most viral audiences as quickly as possible and create the potential to link to your site when they see it. Google will take a while to index your site unless you get its favorite sites linking to you right off the bat. Open the doors without closing them, and you’ll make it farther. 🙂