5 Mistakes to Avoid When Delivering Your Email Marketing Campaign

If you are trying to drive business sales and strengthen your relationship with your existing customers or clients, then email advertising is definitely the way to go. This has long been lauded as one of the best types of digital marketing because of its extreme effectiveness and proven results – when it’s done correctly, of course.

Unfortunately, most businesses that run an #email #marketing campaign struggle to get the ball rolling. They can sometimes make costly #mistakes, which lead them to give up on their campaign completely.

As such, we’ve written this article today to help our readers avoid the most common pitfalls of email marketing and see their campaigns through to success. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Sending Irrelevant Content

The modern consumer is all about personalised content. They simply won’t engage with ads that aren’t relevant to them anymore. When delivering an email marketing campaign, businesses often make the mistake of sending content that won’t be of interest to their clientele.

Sure, it might be easier to mail one message in bulk to everyone on your contact list. But it certainly won’t win you any favours. In fact, this irrelevant content will likely annoy your patrons, causing them to unsubscribe from you.

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Therefore, it is incredibly important for businesses to focus on delivering tailored messages to each individual customer. Using email campaign software can usually help with this. This tool is capable of segmenting your contact list and will automatically send the customers information which relates to them. Resultantly, this should boost the open rate and click-through rate of your email marketing campaign.

2. Ignoring the Analytics

Data analytics is an incredibly useful tool, particularly when it comes to email marketing campaigns. They provide metrics on your email deliverability, open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, and so on. By examining and interpreting this information, you can then surmise where your email marketing campaign could be improved upon.

Unfortunately, businesses often underestimate the power of analytics. As a result, they fail to optimise their email marketing campaign.

Furthermore, this means they can’t identify where things have gone disastrously wrong with their advertising. For instance, how would you know that you need to improve email deliverability if you aren’t checking the analytics to see how many customers have actually received your message? So, make sure to never ignore your metrics.

3. Not Optimising for Mobile

The way we consume media has shifted in recent years. People are much more likely to use their mobile phones to complete simple tasks, like checking their emails. However, some companies overlook this fact when they deliver their email marketing campaigns. They focus on how their messages appear when opened on a desktop web browser – not how the mobile version of the same email looks.

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Resultantly, their email marketing campaign isn’t as successful as it could be. Much of the success of email marketing depends on grabbing your reader’s attention with attractive visuals. If these can’t load properly or aren’t formatted correctly when a customer opens your email, they will likely dismiss the message. So, remember that mobile versions are just as important as desktop versions!

4. Forgetting About Aesthetics

We mentioned in our previous paragraph the importance of things looking good in marketing, and we’d like to expand upon this point now. All too often, businesses prioritise substance above style, forgetting that the two should actually never be separated.

If you want to succeed with your email marketing campaign, then spend a significant amount of time honing the appearance of your messages, in addition to delivering excellent content.

Fortunately, most email campaign software comes with an editor tool that allows you to fiddle around with the aesthetics. It should also have a drag and drop function for easily shifting around images or sections. When designing your email template, make sure to incorporate your brand colours and add plenty of visual flair. This is crucial for making your messages look more professional and making the content more readable.

5. Delivering Too Many Messages

The most common pitfall of email marketing is sending too many messages to clients or customers. Companies might feel tempted to do this when they aren’t getting the results they would like to see. However, this is actually a sure-fire way to sink your email marketing campaign. If you inundate your customers’ inboxes, this could eventually lead them to block your contact or mark your messages as spam.

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This is a disaster for businesses, as they might end up being blacklisted by anti-spam regulators. None of your emails would be delivered as a result of this. This would mean that your email marketing campaign has cost you money, as opposed to making any.


These are the main mistakes to avoid when delivering your email marketing campaign. Keep this information in mind before rolling out your messages.