Is Clip Studio Paint Free and How to Use it

Clip Studio Paint is a versatile and powerful software application designed for digital artists, illustrators, and animators. It is renowned for its extensive feature set, including a wide range of brushes, advanced drawing tools, and animation capabilities. But a common question among potential users is, “Is Clip Studio Paint free?” In this article, we will delve into the pricing structure of Clip Studio Paint and provide an overview of how to use this software effectively.


Clip Studio Paint Pro (One-time Purchase) 


Clip Studio Paint: Pricing Options

Clip Studio Paint offers a variety of pricing options to cater to different user needs. It’s important to note that while there is a free trial available, the full version of Clip Studio Paint is not entirely free. Here are the pricing options:


1. Clip Studio Paint Pro (One-time Purchase) 

This is the standard version of Clip Studio Paint and comes with a one-time purchase fee. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for illustration and comic creation, making it suitable for many artists. Users can choose between a single payment for a perpetual license or a monthly payment option.

2. Clip Studio Paint EX (One-time Purchase)

Clip Studio Paint EX is the advanced version of the software and includes additional features such as animation support and 3D modeling capabilities. Like the Pro version, it can be purchased with a one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

3. Clip Studio Paint for iPad (Subscription)

For users who prefer to work on an iPad, there is a subscription-based version of Clip Studio Paint available for iOS devices. This allows users to access the software on their iPad and sync their work seamlessly with the desktop version.

While the Pro version is suitable for many digital artists, the EX version is essential for those who require advanced features such as animation. The subscription option for iPad users provides mobility and flexibility.

Getting Started with Clip Studio Paint

Getting Started with Clip Studio Paint

Once you’ve decided on the version of Clip Studio Paint that best suits your needs and budget, it’s time to get started. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Clip Studio Paint effectively:

1. Download and Installation

   – Visit the Clip Studio Paint website and download the version of the software that matches your operating system.

   – Follow the installation instructions to set up the software on your computer.

2. User Interface

   – Launch Clip Studio Paint, and you’ll be greeted by the user interface. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s highly customizable.

   – Familiarize yourself with the various panels, including the canvas, layers, tools, and brushes.

3. Creating a New Project

   – To start a new project, go to “File” > “New” and select your canvas size and resolution.

   – You can choose from various preset sizes or create a custom canvas.

4. Drawing and Painting

   – Clip Studio Paint provides a wide range of brushes and tools for drawing and painting. Experiment with different brushes to find the ones that suit your style.

   – Use layers to separate elements of your artwork, allowing you to work on different parts independently.

5. Customizing Brushes

   – You can customize brushes by adjusting parameters like size, opacity, and flow. Create your brushes or download additional brush sets from the Clip Studio Asset store.

6. Adding Text and Objects

   – Clip Studio Paint allows you to add text, shapes, and 3D objects to your artwork. These features are particularly useful for comic and manga creation.

7. Coloring and Shading

   – Utilize the color wheel and various blending modes to add color to your artwork.

   – Experiment with shading techniques to give your illustrations depth and dimension.

8. Animation (EX Version)

   – If you’re using the EX version, explore the animation features in Clip Studio Paint. You can create frame-by-frame animations or use the timeline to animate your artwork.

9. Exporting Your Artwork

   – Once your artwork is complete, you can export it in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, and PSD for further editing in other software.

10. Saving Your Work

    – Regularly save your work to prevent data loss. Clip Studio Paint has an auto-save feature, but it’s a good practice to manually save your projects.


In conclusion, Clip Studio Paint is a versatile and powerful software application that offers a range of pricing options to cater to different user needs. While it is not entirely free, the investment is worth it for digital artists, illustrators, and animators looking for a comprehensive tool to bring their creative visions to life.

To make the most of Clip Studio Paint, familiarize yourself with its user interface, experiment with brushes and tools, and explore the features that match your artistic goals. Whether you’re creating illustrations, comics, or animations, Clip Studio Paint provides the tools and flexibility to bring your artistic vision to fruition.