How to Find Modules in Mediawiki?

MediaWiki, the robust and versatile platform powering wikis like Wikipedia, provides a vast array of functionalities through modules. These modules enhance the user experience, allowing for customized features and improved content presentation. If you’re wondering how to find modules in MediaWiki, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process.

Understanding Modules in MediaWiki:

Before we dive into finding modules, let’s grasp what they are. In MediaWiki, modules are units of code that encapsulate specific functionality. They are often used to modularize code, making it more manageable, reusable, and organized.

How to Find Modules in Mediawiki?

Follow the below steps to find modules in Mediawiki:

1. Explore Documentation

The official MediaWiki documentation is a goldmine for information on modules. Visit the documentation website, and look for sections related to modules. You’ll find detailed insights into the available modules, their functionalities, and how to use them.

2. MediaWiki Extension Pages

Many modules are bundled within extensions. Extensions are additional functionalities that can be added to your MediaWiki installation. Visit the extension pages on to discover modules associated with specific extensions. Each extension page typically provides details on included modules.

3. MediaWiki Source Code

For those comfortable with code exploration, the source code repository of MediaWiki on GitHub is a valuable resource. Navigate through the codebase to the “includes” directory, where many core modules are located. This can give you a deeper understanding of how modules are structured.

How to use Special Pages?

  • Special:Version: Access your wiki’s Special: Version page. This page provides a comprehensive list of installed extensions along with their versions. Extensions often house various modules, and this page is a quick reference to see what’s available.
  • Special: ManageWiki/extensions: If your MediaWiki installation includes the ManageWiki extension, the Special:ManageWiki/extensions page offers insights into installed extensions and their associated modules.

Exploring Extensions

  • Extension Pages: Each extension has its documentation page on Explore these pages to find information on the extension’s modules, including how to configure and use them.
  • LocalSettings.php: Check your LocalSettings.php file, which is part of your MediaWiki installation. This file often contains configuration settings, including those related to extensions and modules. Reviewing this file can provide a quick overview of installed modules.

Finding modules in MediaWiki involves a combination of exploring official documentation, extension pages, source code, and special pages. Whether you’re a developer seeking to extend functionality or a wiki administrator aiming to enhance user experience, understanding and utilizing modules can greatly amplify the capabilities of your MediaWiki installation. Happy exploring!