The Best SEO Tips Packed Into One SEO Checklist

Right from the article’s name, you can tell that this one will be a pretty informative SEO article, but what is SEO? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which actually gives away its purpose, as a name should, right? And it is predominately used for helping websites rank higher on Google search results.

Let’s say you are writing about sports, and you want your visitors to discover you through #Google. Well, for that, you will use a good #SEO strategy that will give you a high ranking.

Why is that so important? Because every business needs organic traffic, regardless of its niche. Whatever you do, whether it’s selling, writing, etc., you need an audience that is interested in that.

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The key to a well-preforming business is hidden in a great SEO game. Yeah, sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is also important – but the biggest reach is on search engines. Some of these stats will blow your mind, and hopefully, you will see the importance of SEO.

Do you know what % of adults use search engines to find information? 50%? 60%? No, the answer is 91% of adults are using search engines to find the stuff that they want.

There are around 5.8 billion searches each day on Google alone, and Google actually dominates the search market with a share of over 90%.

You may be thinking, “Why is it important to be ranked on the first page of Google? results”. Well, because 95% of people only look at the first page, and only 5% explore the second page. That is a huge difference. And not to forget, that people view highly ranked sites as more trustworthy than the ones at the bottom.

To sum it all up, moving only one position higher on Google results can increase your click rate to over 30%. And for these reasons, you need an awesome SEO checklist that will help take your site to another level! SEO isn’t the easiest of tasks to bear and seeking help from the best SEO companies will always be a legit move to make, but if you’d like to tackle the SEO checklist yourself, here’s how to do it.

What Is The SEO Checklist?

Since we covered, in the introduction, what exactly SEO is, what it means, and how it can help you, now it is time to introduce you to something called The SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy.

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This checklist will help you rank on the first page of Google results in no time! How? Well by explaining all the steps that are needed for that! The higher you are on the first page, the more visitors you get, and that automatically translates to more revenue and more income!

I assume you have watched some tutorials on Youtube that just confused you way too much and probably gave you a headache. Or maybe this is your last attempt at trying to figure out SEO. Luckily, you came to the right article. This checklist will show you how SEO can actually be pretty simple.

The SEO Checklist will guide you through the process that you need to complete to better your website in the eyes of search engines. It covers all the important steps that you, as a website owner, should take!

But, this is not just a checklist – it is more than that. A checklist usually only tells you what you need to do without explaining how which is not the case here. It also comes with 44 step-by-step documents to help you through the process of optimizing your site.

SEO Checklist SOP collection

Some people follow visual instructions better than just plain text ones. That is why if the text instructions don’t help you figure things out, you will get access to the best video tutorials.

Also, this is not just a blog post that you read and gets confused by, nor is it an eBook that you will never read. It is a practical Google sheet that you can work with at any time, which gives you a laser-focused vision on what exactly you need to do.

It is a real life-saver and a time-saver as well. Why is it a time-saver? Because you won’t lose time on things that are not doing anything for your website. On the contrary, everything that is on this list will help you tremendously!

How Does the Checklist Help if You Are New to the Game?

For starters, you will see a bigger picture of what needs to be done from your side so that your website ranks better on search engines. You won’t require any additional help or have the need to hire someone to do things for you- it is all in your hands. And because it’s a Google sheet that you can work on, you will be able to track what you have already done or what you haven’t done.

You can mark the things you did and go to a break, then come back and continue where you left off. Every step is important, so don’t miss out on anything!

The super-detailed step-by-step documents will help you get everything done within minutes and without frustration! This will help you be on the top of your SEO game, just what your website deserves!

If you already have some content that you don’t know how to optimize, don’t stress – that is also possible. There is no need to delete it or completely rewrite it, just simply focus on updating old content for SEO!

What Is Included in the Checklist Bundle?

The first thing is, of course, the Google Sheets checklist, which has 102 points and comes in the form of a web app as well.

SEO Checklist web app

But if some of the actions mentioned are hard to understand, you also get 44 step-by-step documents with all the detailed standard operating procedures explained so that you can get the job done in no time! These documents have over 200 pages that will help you with any problem you face while doing the best for your site!

The bundle also provides you with a 50-point Content Distribution Checklist and an SEO Checklist eBook PDF format with 63 pages – a great thing for all the bookworms out there!

You even get a 52-week content strategy in PDF format with 12 pages. So along with giving you a great checklist, this bundle also gives you a strategy that you can use for your business.

The Google Sheets Checklist

The checklist itself is pretty easy to use, and it has all the pieces of information that you need. Once you open it, you will be like a kid on a Christmas morning, seeing all of his/her presents under the Christmas tree.

SEO Checklist Google Sheet

You will see the title of the action, its status, difficulty, impact, cost, tools, SOP, and extra! So let’s explain this a little deeper.

Action categories

The Foundation – actions that require you to install Google Tag Manager on your WordPress website, set up Bing Webmaster Tools, keyword rank tracking, backlinks monitoring, and a lot of other stuff.

User Experience – actions that include configuring permalinks, checking if your website is mobile-friendly, keeping URLs short, making it easy to share your content, and other things like that.

SEO Checklist bundle part 1

Performance – actions for bettering performance such as using a CDN, checking for HTTP/2, using a caching solution, resizing large images at upload, optimizing the database, etc.

Content – actions related to the content itself like keyword research, having an SEO content strategy, etc.

SEO Checklist bundle part 2

On-Page SEO – has actions that will help you with Writing for people not for search engines, checking target keyword matches, usage of keywords in 1st paragraph, etc.

Off-Page SEO – actions for creating solid link building strategies, building foundational links, interlinking social networks, etc.

SEO Checklist bundle part 3

Technical SEO – actions like checking for HTTPS, fixing mixed content, creating robots.txt files, fixing missing and duplicate meta titles and descriptions, etc.

Local SEO – actions such as optimizing listings, claiming your Google My Business listing, and a bunch of other really helpful actions.

SEO Checklist bundle part 4

Bonus –  actions for setting up your first WordPress website.

Action tabs

Status – is a must for keeping track of your SEO game. Has a dropdown menu with the statuses, not performed, done, in progress, and abandoned. If you start something from the checklist, just click on the dropdown menu, and mark it as “in progress”, and when you finish, mark it as “done”. Keeping track of what you did and what you didn’t do is a lifesaver!

Difficulty – is pretty much self-explanatory. It shows you if a task is hard, medium, or easy to do.

SEO Checklist status difficulty impact columns

Impact – it shows how much of an impact an action has on SEO. Three bars represent the highest impact and one bar the lowest impact, on your website or content.

Cost – it shows if a specific action is free or premium. But, don’t worry the majority of the actions are actually free.

SEO Checklist cost, tools columns

Tools – shows you what tools you need to get the job done. This is pretty helpful because you don’t have to wander around looking for tools yourself.

SOP and Extra – will probably be the most useful tabs for you. They contain links, files, and videos for step-by-step instructions that will help you get the action done if you feel stuck.

How does it work?

When you open up a document related to an action that you are working on, it answers a few questions first that you may have. The questions are usually goal, ideal outcome, why is this important, where it is done, when it is done, and who does it. It also has info about when the document was last updated and how time-consuming is that specific action.

The document itself is not boring – it is actually far from that. It contains text with pictures that all have marks on them so that you don’t click the wrong thing.

And basically, that was a quick overview of the Google Sheets checklist that will help your SEO game. As you know, besides this checklist, you get a lot of additional things that will give you a great advantage over everyone else.

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After you read this article, we hope that you understood the importance of SEO and how it can boost your ranking. The SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy will be a game-changer for your business, and you can get 25% off its original price with the coupon WEBFACTORY.

So definitely don’t miss out on this tool and this amazing deal!

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