Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Next WordCamp

If you’ve never attended the professional conference for WordPress professionals, aka WordCamp, and you’re looking for reasons to inspire you to participate in it, then you’re just in the right place!

Not only will you be inspired to attend it finally, but you will also come back as a new, rejuvenated persona.

WordCamp is one of the best places one can attend in hopes of acquiring knowledge and ideas, meeting new people, and having fun along the way!

It’s one of the best ways to mix business with pleasure (and I mean lots of pure, knowledgeable pleasure) in an easy-going, informal environment. And if you’re still not convinced, here are top reasons to attend the next WordCamp!

Top 5 reasons why you should attend the next WordCamp

1. Awesome community and people

If you ask anyone who’s been there, every single one of them will tell you that the community associated with WordCamp is absolutely amazing, and that is why this is the number one reason to attend the next WordCamp!

You can get a lot out of people you meet there who are more than happy to help you out with all of your questions and inquiries!

At WordCamp, everybody knows something that others do not, and with simple chitchats, you are guaranteed to acquire new information along with tips and tricks that will help you out in managing and creating your own site (regardless if it’s a hobby or if you’re working in a company).

Additionally, you never know who you might meet! By this, I mean that you could start collaborating with other inspiring people on different projects, or you might become best buds with someone who can help you out in some of your business struggles and so on.

WordCamp Berlin 2019

WordCamp is the professional conference that has the power to create a surrounding where even all geeks suddenly become more talkative and social (and Lord knows when geeks start talking with each other, they come up with brilliant ideas.)

The whole thing also feels more informal, which makes the atmosphere a lot more relaxed and easy-going, which in turn makes you feel like you’re having fun while learning new things, which is the whole point of learning, right?

2. It’s dirt cheap!

WordCamp conference is by no means free, but the average price is around $20 (that’s something like four mochas in Starbucks). The thing is that you get a free meal and drinks and you even get your own T-shirt along with other related gifts and souvenirs.

But the main thing you get by showing up at WordCamp is the privilege to attend the seminars that are really informative and well thought out.

The reason why the tickets are so cheap is that the sponsors are easily going to get their money back either way. The people from WordPress also claimed that they would really like to make the events free, but they have noticed that people would apply to certain presentations and workshops, and then not even show up (preferring to sleep and such).

By making it cost up to $25, they give people who have registered the incentive actually to turn up to the event.

The only thing that might cost you the most money could be the transportation to the event itself. The prices vary depending on your location and the location of the event. But it’s still a small price to pay, considering all of the benefits and experience you would gain from such an event.

3. Valuable knowledge and experience

If you use WordPress, then you have to attend the event (regardless if you’re just a simple blogger, photographer, entrepreneur, or just a random persona that wants to make a site for personal use). Whatever the reason is, I can guarantee that you will get something out of it by the end.

conference auditorium

WordCamp is one of the best places to acquire knowledge from knowledgeable people who have experience in the world of WordPress. There are a lot of experts discussing a wide array of topics that you can attend, like blogging, SEO, marketing, and social media, to name a few.

Not to mention the people you will meet at the event itself! You would be surprised that even you will be inspired to share your own ideas and help someone out with your knowledge as well!

4. Fun and engaging workshops

If you’re someone who wants to immediately try to do things practically on the go while the speaker is teaching you something, then the workshop is just the thing for you! It can be a beginner’s level, and it goes all the way to advanced levels.

You can learn things like how to install and use a certain plugin, how to design and customize themes, and so on.

A lot of people claimed that what they experienced in the workshops was truly amazing and ten times better than what they had expected. They didn’t know that it would be so fun and engaging, all the while being very informative and easy-going, making you want to do further research and learning after the workshop has ended.

5. Opportunities to speak

If there’s any place in the world suitable for both advanced and beginner speakers, it is WordCamp. The atmosphere is totally chill where all opinions are equally accepted and valued.

microphone at the conference

As a matter of fact, WordCamp praises different perspectives on things because they are the key to advancing and evolving gradually in every business. At WordCamp, everyone is encouraged to share their exciting stories with the rest of the fellow attendees in order to contribute to this inspiring conference.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re in the realm of WordPress, then WordCamp is your holy grail. This professional conference will enrich you with new perspectives, it will encourage you to share ideas with other people, and it will give you answers to all of your questions (okay, maybe not all of them but most of them). And on top of all of that, it will literally not cost you a dime because you’ll get free food and drinks and all kinds of souvenirs for free! (Yes, you read it right.)

So, I really hope the above top reasons to attend a WordCamp have convinced you to check the locations of upcoming events, buy a ticket online and pack your bags to the WordCamp wonderland! Best of luck (and don’t forget to enjoy)!