3 WordPress Analytics Plugins that Improve Insights into Customers 

Building a business in 2023 is all about knowing your customers. For the last decade, big data has played a key role in this. Across the world, companies are gathering data to learn information on their customers, understand their buying habits, preferences, behavior, and to build a closer connection and relationship. 

This can start at the very beginning. If you are using WordPress to create your website – over 43% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress – then there are several plugins you can install to make the end-experience better. A number of these plugins are also analytical, designed to help your business by obtaining data from visitors, and providing some integral insights to optimize the consumer-business relationship.

Here are three of the best WordPress analytics plugins to help your business hit the ground running.



For years now, MonsterInsights has been the best analytics plugin for WordPress. By installing Google Analytics, this plugin allows you to add a website stat dashboard to the admin area of WordPress, displaying the top-ranking pages, along with enhanced statistics on user behavior. The plugin also comes with a ‘Side Notes’ feature, which allows you to record any changes you make to your website, and track how those changes are impacting your traffic.

UserFeedback – With MonsterInsights

With GDPR and CCPA imposing strict data protection requirements, it’s more important than ever to only attain necessary data. Internet users in 2023 have grown more aware of how their data is being collected and used. They have full access to opt out guides and information removal platforms, which means the vast majority will only form loyal relationships with businesses that practice safety, security, and transparency. 

To remain a credible and reliable business, you need to avoid the pitfalls of misusing customer data and focus predominantly on the data that will directly influence you. UserFeedback is a perfect plugin for this. With this software, you will no longer be shooting in the dark. Instead, you will be curating tailored, focused surveys that can then be integrated with MonsterInsights to organize all the most essential metrics and make concentrated data-driven decisions.

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Lastly, the WordPress HubSpot analytics plugin has proved to be one of the best free tools for customer insights across the board. With built-in analytics to identify key sources of traffic, this tool will help you grow your contacts, email list, marketing avenues, and distinguish what drives the most customer interest in the brand. 

As a new company, this is especially important. Utilizing the HubSpot plugin will ensure that analytics are built into everything you do, whether that’s marketing emails, website changes, blog posts, social media strategies, and more. This can similarly help you to track a customer’s journey. By knowing what channels are driving the most leads, you can curate an optimized customer experience that is unique, while also directing a marketing budget into the areas you know to be successful.

As mentioned previously, there are plenty of WordPress analytics plugins that can boost the success of your company, but these three are worth a closer look to get the ball rolling.