Green WordPress Hosting Company Saves the Swamps

Mostly known for working with clients of a high profile from local municipalities and governments, Seravo is a European hosting company passionate about green technology and the environment.

With its latest move, this company has garnered quite a lot of attention and presented itself in a completely different light.

The move we are talking about is their purchase of swampland that spreads across 260 hectares and is located very close to the arctic circle in Finland in order to protect it from planned destruction by a peat production company.

Now, you might be asking yourself “why would an IT company spend loads of money on swampland without getting anything in return for the purchase?” Well, the intention behind that was quite heroic.

Swamps or to be more specific wetlands are very efficient at converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into carbon-rich soil and living plants. And even though they make up only about 9% of the planet’s land surface they still store around 35% of terrestrial carbon.

The peat bogs found on these wetlands produce peat which is later turned into garden compost. And peat mining itself has very negative effects on the climate and important ecosystems.

Seravo being an environmentally-conscious company decided to purchase the swampland from a peat production company in the hopes that it will not only help the environment but also raise more awareness about the terrible consequences of peat mining.

“At Seravo, we are not just tech professionals taking care of website hosting and upkeep. We are also parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, part of society. We are all inhabitants of the planet that is our home.”

Man at work

These are the words of Seravo’s CEO, Otto Kekäläinen, in which he tries to explain the importance of green thinking and the responsibility of his company.

“We know that a company of our size doesn’t make it alone in these efforts, so we hope others will also rise to the challenge. We hope that we can inspire and lead the way and that others will follow our example.” Says Kekäläinen.

And even though Seravo is not the only WordPress company making great environmentalist actions like these, they are one of the best examples of why and how these companies can aid the climate crisis and help humankind in general.

“We will continue our efforts. We also plan to invest in educating businesses about the fact that the websites they operate have an environmental footprint. It might be small, but it’s still there. We hope to push companies to move to green hosting providers that really are there for our nature and the future.”

Seravo office

It’s also important to note that Seravo invests in environmental research that explores the footprint left by the World Wide Web.

This is quite a unique thing, because most people, as consumers, don’t realize that browsing the internet does require energy consumption produced by server rooms and thus possibly leaves a significant footprint.

All in all, Seravo is doing its best to make the world a better place which makes it a great choice if you are in need of WordPress hosting services.