6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Instagram Discoverability Today

Instagram is a big part of growing your profile or business. The primary purpose is to inform users of your business type. Facebook (who owns Instagram now) surveys show that 83% of users use the platform to discover new products or services.

Increasing discoverability organically is conditioned by the audience understanding the platform. SEO on Instagram has been a growing topic of conversations trying to understand what works. Here are 6 ways of improving your discoverability.

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1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Search

Minor improvements will get you a long way. Setting your Instagram profile to public and switching to business is a great start. Your profile image must be clear and appealing, and it must not violate any community guidelines along the way.

Instagram search is similar to a Google search. Search results are based on various factors, such as who you follow, photos and videos you like, and so on.

Your profile username or name has to be appropriate, memorable, and searchable most of all. In the same way, make sure your bio is optimized with keywords for your business.

2. Treat Your Hashtags as Keywords

You can improve your bio even more by including clickable hashtags that serve as keywords. Using relevant hashtags on Instagram posts and stories is a great way to discover.

Just adding hashtags to your Instagram posts won’t work. You should find the most popular and relevant hashtags for your Instagram content. Instagram scheduler on Circleboom Publish provides a Hashtag Generator feature to discover trending, related hashtags for your social media posts. Instagram Hashtag Generator makes you find and add the most popular Instagram hashtags for your Instagram content and increase the discoverability of your Instagram posts for multiple accounts at once.

You just search for terms, and it lists all related hashtags in groups. You will just click on them, adding them to your Instagram post automatically. Then, you can publish your posts immediately, schedule them for the future or automate them by setting time intervals.

Right hashtags are the best effective tools to grow your reach on Instagram and boost your impressions and engagement.

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Adding a hashtag to your post will make it visible on the hashtag results page. Hashtags can also be used for running campaigns, researching the audience, etc. Doing the same thing with posts as you did with your profile can be beneficial for the discoverability of your profile.

3. Image Captions Include the Use of Secondary Keywords

Secondary keywords are very much crucial for Instagram SEO. They can include phrases and topics which are related and close to primary keywords. Captions should be well-thought-out, creative, and funny to connect with the post and gather the audience’s attention.

Tags and descriptions represent your idea. Longer captions allow businesses to appear more human, and they also stop scrollers, increasing the time spent on your posts.

They can also function as microblogs. Keywords used to determine how relevant an account are derived from the username, name, bio, and captions.

4. Find Optimal Posting Times

Finding optimal posting times will help your feed stay relevant and have more chances of attracting an audience. Recommended posting times can vary wildly. There is no magic number or timeslot. You should track your statistics, followers’ habits with insights and identify which time suits your profile the best.

5. Post Less

Posting too much can harm your account’s discoverability. Instead of posting 20 times weekly, try focusing on 1-2 posts a day or lower.

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Use all the time and resources you would on your 20 posts and focus on those few posts to make them as best as possible. Even if it does not seem like that, quality content is very relevant to the followers. It has a greater chance of collecting positive responses, which then helps your posts rank higher on the feed.

6. Take Advantage of an Instagram Video

Instagram has become much more than just an image-sharing platform in the past few years. With the introduction of Instagram video, users have been allowed to interact with their followers in a whole different way. Since video format keeps attention longer, it also forces you to create quality content in that field.

Nowadays, there are multiple other video formats to post on Instagram. IGTV provides a platform for posting longer videos, but keep in mind that you have approximately 8 seconds to catch your audience’s attention.

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Video is an easy way to consume content, and even though photos have more engagement in terms of likes, videos tend to have more comments. Instagram stories takes the top spot on the feed, directly above it. With Stories, you can stay on top of the feed while also capturing your followers’ attention.

Going live on Instagram makes you appear right at the front of the Stories feed, assuming you are the only one live at that moment. Using video increases engagement, reach, and other KPIs, further improving your profile discoverability.


Keep these tips in mind and try putting them in action, set some goals, and track your progress to see if they help you. Researching keywords, working hard, and generally learning new trends will get you there.

Think of Instagram SEO when optimizing your profile; it will improve discoverability.

Many of the general SEO principles apply to Instagram as well. When planning your content, keep in mind and incorporate these tips. Engagement will come with it most definitely. The main objective of Instagram, and your profile, is to make users happy.