The 5 Best Free Email Testing Tools for 2022

Sending an email with a good subject line generally gives you more chances of an excellent open rate. Thus, to get more from email marketing, the content and look of the email should be nothing but practical.

Email testing tools will help you immensely with all these factors.

Email Testing

Email testing is often neglected nowadays, but it is essential to consider how many emails are sent by a single person working at a company every day. Sometimes, the problem can be finding the right tool for your company and your current situation.

This article has selected a shortlist of the five best free email testing tools in the market.



GlockApps is an inbox delivery testing tool that allows users to fix email deliverability problems before hitting send or filtering spam emails.

GlockApps provides a one-stop-shop including a “Reputation Check,” which allows you to audit your IP and domain you are sending from against the industry blacklist. You also get access to DMARC email analytics to monitor, capture, separate, or reject any email pretending to be you.

Glockapps provides detailed spam and blacklist reports to allow the user to troubleshoot and fix problems that improve email deliverability. This feature is handy if you want to test marketing campaigns and the deliverability of email marketing providers.

The Glockapps report shows you all IPs that were used to send emails and details whether they are on any blacklists, and you can get an overall view of the email campaign’s performance.



MailCatcher is an email testing tool built to intercept all emails from web or mobile

apps and store it for display.

MailCatcher works by running a fake SMTP server and shows HTML and CSS or plain text emails and source versions of the messages as applicable.

It can also open links in a new window which allows you to effectively test all the aspects of emails and check the formatting before it gets delivered to your client.

MailCatcher mails appear instantly if WebSockets is supported on your browser. In case you don’t have it enabled, MailCatcher will update every thirty seconds.

MailCatcher also offers command-line options to override the default

SMTP/HTTP IP and port settings are great for manipulating your testing in the best way for your practice.

Overall, MailCatcher is a free email testing tool, and instructions on how to download it can be found on their site.



PutsMail is another free email testing tool for testing HTML emails. It allows you to send HTML to any email address for testing the design and debugging purposes.

PutsMail will give you screenshots of your email from over 50 programs and apps. In addition, you can perform tests in real-time for your campaigns and newsletters using this tool.



ReachMail is a free email marketing tool that provides you with the features which will suit your business or company size.

With an easy drag-and-drop editor for email designing, this tool is used by small businesses, marketing, and large companies. In addition, with ReachMail, you can build campaigns and preview your emails.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is a top-rated testing tool for writing the subject line for an email.

Using its algorithm, it capitalizes on the subject line, optimizing the character and word count, and full-fledged testing.

It’s best for marketers and agencies.


Choosing the best and yet free email testing tool may seem to be a tiring task. However, it is imperative to do so since many are at stake. A well-tested email will most likely lead to a vast business opportunity, whereas poorly written emails can degrade your brand name.