4 Reasons Why You Must Have Google Analytics on Your Website

Google Analytics is a free Google tool that generates precise statistics on website traffic, traffic sources, conversions, and sales, among other things.

It can also track visitors’ paths, including search engines and social media, and the relationships between pages on your website.

Google Analytics is the most effective tool for measuring and analyzing website traffic and your advertising process.

This area, which deals with e-commerce, is essential if you want to be productive and use this helpful online tool.

You’ll learn who your visitors are and what kind of advertising they engage with. It will show their age, gender, geography, etc.

table performance impressions clicks on google analytics

That is all based on the data you can find in Analytics, what they’re looking for on your site, how they found you, how often they return, and a slew of other details that can help you grow your online business and earn more through advertising. This comparison analysis is required to comprehend the effectiveness of your content marketing and advertising budget.

You’ll never know which landing pages or marketing strategies drive sales if you don’t track them.

1. Helps you advertise to your perfect audience

Tracking your website’s traffic sources provides various useful information that you can use for advertising. You will be able to see who visits your website directly by typing in the URL.
Google Analytics also shows who visits your website via other websites. You will be able to see who visits your website via Google or other search engines.
It can help you figure out which days you have increased visitors to the page or ad by looking at the “Audience” part of the navigation reports. This data will also significantly impact marketing decisions because evaluating traffic sources allows you to see where you have the most success.
You can next work on boosting useful channels or concentrating your efforts on improving channels producing poor outcomes.

2. Helps you realize where is your audience coming from

The “User Flow” portion of the “Audience” segment is also worth paying attention to. Especially if you want to optimize your advertising process faster, you can see which pages or ads bring you the most traffic and which ones bring you traffic that falls short of your expectations. It’s crucial to understand this because there’s no other way to better communicate with potential customers.
In addition to useful information, the user stream provides good visual evidence of whether you are on the right or wrong track.
User behavior reports give you a quick overview of the statistics by subpage, including how many times they’ve been displayed, the average time spent on them, and their bounce rate and exit rate.

3. It improves your reach

The Google Analytics tool will also assist you in optimizing your website’s SEO. To create organic traffic and earn more money through advertising, it is critical to be on the first page of Google, especially in the top five results. Other aspects influence your website’s positioning, but we will not go over them in this blog post. The Google Analytics tool will show you which keywords and phrases were used to find your website.
That means that you can use them again in your future marketing and advertising plans. Of course, you will concentrate on the written words and phrases that are frequently searched and generate a considerable number of clicks.

4. Helps you optimize your advertising

Table of marketing plan

You can track which marketing channels generate the most revenue and focus your efforts there. Whether it’s social media, organic search, email marketing, or AdWords. Google Analytics can help you with different aspects of advertising. You can establish goals and observe how many people clicked on a specific action button, such as a contact form or an advertisement. It will assist you in optimizing your advertising more quickly. You can monitor the influence of social media on your business goals and conversions with social media reports. It is critical to have a thorough understanding of all of your content. That includes all of your social networking groups.
Keep an eye on those who impact your product or service so you can grow your business even more.

Simply, Google Analytics is a must-have tool for determining if a website attracts new customers, and so increases sales or whether it simply squanders the money, time, and effort you put into it.

It’s simple to use. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you may always find out useful information for your business. It interacts with Google AdWords and provides you with reports on the performance of your ad and the keywords you use on Google AdWords that AdWords cannot provide you with. The great thing is that statistics from two different periods might be compared. This will allow you to notice differences and take action based on the information right now.