Proxy servers with a rotation option: how do they work?

Proxy servers are the simplest yet incredibly flexible solution for changing your IP address. If you ever feel like your browsing sessions on the internet are being tracked, you can stop exposing yourself and your digital identity by routing your connection through these intermediary servers.

With a simple and understandable set-up on most digital devices, you can start using a mobile proxy server in less than a few minutes. To make sure that your connection is successful, visit or any similar website that shows what kind of data resides in the header of your connection requests.

Inside of server room

The brilliance of proxy servers comes from an abundance of available IPs, which makes it the best tool for many use cases. Unlike with VPNs, a proxy server fleet from a reliable provider can range from tens of thousands to millions of IP addresses in any region around the globe. With a couple of quick adjustments, you can enjoy different versions of the internet that are exclusive to specific geo-locations, and proxy servers let us reach a different digital location without taking a single step!

Most proxy servers have two main categories, datacenter proxies and residential proxies. Datacenter IPs are faster but lack the secrecy of a residential address, which is borrowed from a real user and an internet service provider. It works much better at mimicking real user traffic.

However, no matter what your goal is, proxy server IPs can also get banned, especially if you send too many connection requests from the same source. Thankfully, modern proxy providers offer simple yet ingenious customization to their services – rotating residential proxies.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of innovative proxy rotation tools. Here you will learn about the importance of a rotating residential IP and how its use cases affect the digital business environment. If you want to learn about prices, and technical details, read here. For now, let’s discuss the revolutionary benefits of rotating proxies.

Perfect for scalability

While smaller businesses often do not use the assistance of IT tools for data collection and management, large companies in 2023 are always looking for new and innovative ways to extract knowledge, gain insight, and manipulate social media algorithms.

Woman using laptop next to server

Most of these processes revolve around the execution of a specific plan with a lot of simple subtasks. Speed up progress and outperform The best way to speed up progress and outperform competitors pulls us closer to automation. While the term might sound intimidating for internet users with subpar technical knowledge, you do not need to know all details to write or copy a simple script whose complexity and additional functions depend on you. The user can run many automation scripts or assign a multi-layered bot to perform the same work output.

All things considered, some companies and business-minded individuals have unique problems with scalability. Here are the most common use cases that use automation tools and why they struggle to run multiple bots at the same time:

Data Scraping

Also known as an automated process of data extraction, web scraping bots collect the information from assigned websites, dissecting their code to only transfer valuable information into a data set that is built in a readable and understandable format, unlike the HTML code that looks messy unless it gets processed on a browser.

With the help of data science professionals, modern companies target tens if not hundreds of competitors at the same time. Aside from that, data scrapers also look for valuable public information on the most popular websites: Google and other search engines plus social media networks. While the outcome depends on how many scrapers you run and how many websites you pick, most credible pages will enforce rules to filter out bot traffic.

And this is where having a residential IP comes in handy: instead of blocking your public address, the intermediary server will take the bullet for you. But what if I told you there is a trick to eliminate most IP bans?

That’s right! If you pick a proxy server with a rotation option, you can have as many bots as you want. Choose the desired intervals to send connection requests, and the rotation option will assign a new address every few minutes.

Server room

Social media automation

Residential proxies are often used by social media managers and marketers as protection against fake accounts, with each proxy IP acting like a legitimate digital identity for that particular user. A rotation option lets you control as many bots as you want and never get them in trouble. Meanwhile, managers that attempt to use fake accounts without proxy servers get all of them banned because all of them can be traced back to a single identity – your public IP address.


Most proxy providers offer sticky sessions that apply these changes every 1, 10, or 30 minutes, while others let you set a specific amount of connections before swapping the IPs. Using them regularly will prevent the recipients from recognizing bot connection, allowing you to collect data and automate bot behavior at all times.