Top 10 Reasons You Need a Reliable WordPress Host

WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) in the world. A lion’s share of total websites, i.e. 38% is based on WordPress.

#WordPress is an open platform and you can create your own #websites for free on this platform.

However, if you want your websites to be managed by a hosting provider you will have to rent the services from a reliable WordPress host. In this article, we will learn about the top 10 reasons you need a reliable WordPress host.

1. Speed

Page speed chart

When you have a website, it is imperative that it should be ranked high when the users type the related keywords in a search engine. All the search engines including Google have loading speed as one of the criteria for ranking. Thus, your website will get better views if it is faster.

Secondly, no user will like to read a website that loads slowly. If the images and videos on the website are not loaded quickly enough a person will lose interest and hop on to another website. These are two main reasons why your WordPress host should provide lightning-fast speed.

WPX Hosting is a platform that gives you the fastest speed in the world. When reviewed by independent reviewers like Matthew Woodward, WPX Hosting has proved to be the fastest in various tests.

2. Uptime

How would you feel if your network is down when you are trying to load a website? It will certainly make you irritated and frustrated. Network downtime is not only responsible for mental disturbances but it is also responsible for huge financial losses.

It is observed that even when a website is down for a second, it will result in the loss of revenue for the owner.

There are many host providers that guarantee you high uptime. One such company is WPX Hosting which guarantees you an uptime of 99.95%. This makes WPX Hosting a good hosting provider.

3. Security

WordPress security tab

Data is as good as currency in today’s world. If you cannot trust your host company with your data, then it does not make sense to rent the facilities of such a company. Data security is to be maintained not only for storing the data but also for its transfer. Security should be provided from malware, brute force attacks as well as from viruses.

WPX Hosting offers all its users daily free malware scanning, detection, and removal. It gives all its users high-end security free of charge. The Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are owned by WPX and are custom-made by the company. This adds to the security of the data.

4. Customer support

When you face any problems or issues while managing your WordPress site, you will need help from the professionals. It is not always possible to stand in a queue for hours to solve your problem. This will mean not only the loss of time but also financial losses. Most of the host companies provide customer support to its users. However, sometimes the help is too little, too late.

WPX Hosting has a very strong customer support team. They are well versed in WordPress technology. The team also prides itself on answering the queries of the clients in layman language. The best part about WPX customer support is that it is perhaps the fastest in responding to the live chat and solving the issue.

5. Simplicity

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WordPress blogs and websites are started by people, the majority of whom are not well versed with website development. If the process becomes too complicated, they will probably drop the whole idea of the website. WordPress host providers sometimes offer control panels that are customized to suit the requirements of the users. Many times the cPanel offered is generic and requires a lot of maneuvering by the user.

WPX offers its users a custom control panel to make their work easier and simpler. The functionalities are easy and have tutorials for every step. The tutorials and the help provided is in simple jargon-free language.

6. Affordability

It takes a long time for a business to start earning from a new venture. You cannot expect traffic on your site the day you go online. Until the time a business starts earning from the website, it will want to keep its overheads to a minimum.

The rent of the host is one such overhead. You will not want to pay more for the facilities you do not even need.

WPX Hosting is a platform that is regarded as the most affordable platform of all. It gives sufficient facilities and features for you to run your websites for the price you pay. It gives you a bouquet of features free of charge. Also, you can opt for a plan which suits your needs the best.

7. SSL Certificates

Metal lock

Have you been told not to buy anything or make a payment on sites that are not accompanied by a green lock? This green lock signifies that the website is vetted for authenticity and it is secure to make transactions through it. In technical terms, this is the SSL certificate issued to the website.

When you host your site on WPX, you get your SSL Certificate for free. More customers will trust your website and you will get better revenue.

8. Migration

If you are new to the online world and do not have a website or a blog, you need not worry about the migration of all your data to the new provider. However, if you already have a website and you want to change your provider, you will have to migrate all your data and the websites to the new provider. It is not always easy and cheap to carry out this process.

WPX Hosting is a provider that will give you the facility of free unlimited migration within 24 hours of you starting the plan with them.

9. Backups

Black USB stick

When there are issues and you lose your data for some reason, you will be left out to dry if you do not have a backup. Backups are not only essential but are mandatory in this age. Your service provider should have secure backup facilities with fast retrieval.

WPX offers every user a free automatic backup every 28 days. It also offers free manual backup anytime you want. The retrieval of the backed up data is also fast as the data is stored in cloud CDNs near you.

10. Staging

As a site is being developed, you will want to have an idea of how it will look once you upload it online. You will not be confident putting it up unless you are sure it looks perfect. Many WordPress hosts provide the facility of staging the site to help you envision it.

WPX Hosting is a platform that gives you 1-click staging of your site. This makes it easier for you to stage it and make the necessary revisions before uploading it.