How to Measure Your Content Quality and Publish Every Post With Great Confidence

Whenever you are writing a new article for your blog, you want it to be as good as possible; you want readers to stay on your blog for a long time and possibly come back.

We can all admit that sometimes our #inspiration gets a bit low, and thus we can’t think of something really good to throw on our #blog.

It could also happen that you just don’t have enough time to research a certain topic you want to write about.

In situations like that and many other ones, a tool named MarketMuse will help greatly.

MarketMuse Overview


Now, you’re probably wondering. How can this tool help me? Does it type out everything for me? Well, not really. But that doesn’t mean it is not of great use.

One of MarketMuse’s main features is its ability to measure your content quality. By doing that, it shows how well your content matches the user intent of your topic. With this information in hand, you can always publish your blog posts and articles with great confidence.

Thanks to MarketMuse’s help, you will spend less time doing manual topic research.

This means that you’ll have more time for other things, such as actually creating content and making sure that it comes out as good as it can.

After hearing all of this, you’re probably wondering how MarketMuse manages to pull this off? How can a piece of software know exactly what I’m looking for and what I want to write? The answer to this question is pretty simple. Artificial Intelligence!

Developers over at MarketMuse have spent lots of time developing this tool to make sure users can find info for their articles as fast as possible and that this info is as accurate as possible. For this reason, MarketMuse has won many awards throughout the years and is being used today by many big companies, such as Discover, Volvo Penta, ClickUp, and many more.


Even though you are probably already blown away by MarketMuse’s abilities, you haven’t heard about all of them. So, let’s go over all the main features.

AI Content Research

As we’ve already mentioned, MarketMuse searches the whole internet, fetching everything you need for covering a topic in a matter of 10 minutes. This would usually take 12.5 hours for a human to do. Saving over 12 hours is not a small thing as it can greatly help your productivity.

MarketMuse topic coverage research

Content Strategy

When we say that this tool strategically plans out and assesses your content using advanced methods, what does this mean?

This means that you will get personalized insights that show you both your content’s strengths and weaknesses.

Forget about generic insights that show you the wrong info. These insights are customized and tailored for you.

Content Creation

With the help of MarketMuse, you’ll be able to create expert-level content quickly and easily.

Through their content briefs, you’ll be provided with detailed guidance on what’s required to make expert-level content that is search-engine friendly. These briefs will cover structure, subheadings, important topics, audience, and much more, thus making sure that your content comes out great and ends up at the top of the search engine results.

MarketMuse outlines

Along with this, you will also get topic reports that are made specifically for your niche, which always comes in handy.

Content Optimization

When you are done writing your article, you will probably want to check if it’s properly written and if any changes should be made to it. MarketMuse can help with that as well since it has the ability to optimize your content.

MarketMuse content score

With their high-quality AI, you’ll be able to quickly discover the most relevant topics you need to cover. How all of this works isn’t that simple, but it’s nothing that AI can’t handle. Basically, what it does is search the world wide web, comparing your article to a ton of other content.

When this gets completed, you’ll end up with an article that is both enjoyable to read and loved by search engines.


This tool isn’t cheap. But when you think about the time it took developers to create an AI-powered tool with such features and capabilities; you will realize it’s worth every single dollar.

MarketMuse pricing

For $69 (one-time purchase), you will get all features we mentioned for one user, as well as 15 queries every month, which is surely worth the price.

In case you are someone who really wants to use this tool frequently, you can pick either the Plus or Pro plan, both of which cost more, of course.


When you look at all the features this tool offers and its price, it obvious that you’ll surely make a good decision by purchasing MarketMuse. Even if you are running a small website, this tool will greatly help you and will boost both your productivity and website optimization.