Why Your Website Deserves an Incredible Hosting Service

When starting out with their website, hosting service is something business owners usually decide to save money on. There is a good reason why it is important to have a good hosting service. It affects the speed of your website, which in turn affects your customers.

Impatience is the plague of the internet world. When people have so many options available to them, they do not need to wait for your website to load – they will simply go to the next one. Four seconds is the top of your customers’ patience. If the loading of your website takes longer than that, not only will they not wait, but it is likely they won’t go back to your website at all.

The research shows that people are willing to waste excessive time in their search for information on multiple sites, rather than waiting a couple of seconds more for the relevant website to load.

Other research shows that the impact of website speed on the amount of conversion is enormous. This shows that speed is a crucial and important aspect of your business which requires your attention.

This is no wonder and no surprise – if you cannot tend to your website’s speed and make it useful for them, how can you help them with the issue causing them to come to you in the first place? However, there is not much you yourself should be doing about this. Most people hurdle content displayed on their site in the same basket with its speed. This is not the case, as the speed is mostly a “techie” thing. All the content should still be there, yet the speed could be handled with a good hosting provider.

Luckily, this can be tended to. All you should do is consider good hosting service, and not go with a free version that will cost you more in the long run when all the lost conversions are taken into consideration. If you are using Kinsta, one of the top hosting services available, the speed of your website is something that you do not have to think about ever again.

There is an excellent reason why Kinsta is one of the top hosting providers, and the less than 5% churn rate speaks in its favor. Let us show you why you should not get a deal when it comes to your hosting service but go with Kinsta instead.

Google Cloud Platform

To make sure that they are providing the best possible experience to their users, the Kinsta team utilizes the power of Google Cloud Platform. This means that they have 18 data centers, with 19th in the plan, at their disposal, which are located all around the world.

Google Cloud Platform

These data centers cover all the highly populated areas in the world, from the USA to Japan, so no website, regardless of its origin should fall behind. Each of these data centers has hundreds of GB of RAM, and the infrastructure consists of private and best performance cable networks, covering all the data traffic impeccably.

If you are using this provider, you can rest assured that your website will never fall victim to its traffic or overcrowding. When going with other hosting providers, this can happen quite often, dragging your business down and losing you both time and money.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (you probably know it as CDN) is very important when it comes to the speed of your website. Truth is, visitors that are geographically closer to your website will have shorter time waiting for the website to load because its data has less time to travel. Others, not so much. They have to wait, and you have to hope that they will wait.

Content Delivery Network is truly at its peak if you are being hosted by Kinsta, and you can rest assured that your loading time is shorter than a blink of an eye. How? Thanks to those 18 data centers that are covering the most populated areas.

Content Delivery Network

This means that you can pick a data center that would benefit you the most. More specifically, you can pick the data center closest to your visitors and customers. This ensures that distance your website has to travel to your visitors is much shorter, and allows the fastest website loading that you will ever be able to get. Learn more about CDN and why it’s so important.

Automatic Scaling System

Automatic Scaling System is the hero of hosting. It comes to the rescue mostly for the websites that tend to have a lot of seasonal spikes of traffic that tend to “break the internet”. With some of the other hosting providers, even if your website is not experiencing spikes, it can go down due to the overcrowded network and other sites draining the resources.

Kinsta, on the other hand, employs an isolated software container technology. This, in essence, means that hardware resources are dedicated to site containers. Each site having its own container, even though you might own multiple ones.

Isolated Software Container TechnologyWith these containers set in place, their virtual machines automatically assign hardware resources to them on an as-needed basis. This creates a stable infrastructure, capable of handling the resources in the best manner possible.

The auto-scaling ensures that each website has enough resources, even with spikes and unexpected resource usage. In short, there will be no consequences if either you or any other website has a special time-limited offer, and everything will work impeccably regardless of the site’s demands.

Domain Name System

Security is another main concern, which Kinsta has acknowledged and handled. Each site, especially the important ones such as yours is, or will become, should be able to take a stand against DDoS attack and get out of it unscathed. There are two solutions against these, which are unfortunately growing in numbers in the last years.

DNS is a system that connects your IP address to your domain name, enabling sites to have names. So, the first solution to these attacks is in multiple Domain Name System providers, which will enable you to switch to the alternative provider in case one of them is under attack.

Kinsta DNS

The second one is TTL, aka Time To Live, which essentially allows you to run your site from your cache. This is a good option and will buy you a couple of days, but once it comes to clearing, your site is offline and unavailable to customers. You want to make sure this doesn’t happen so you should consider having multiple DNS with enough TTLs with them.

Kinsta provides DNS failover, latency and geolocation routing that makes sure that your site is up and running at all times, and that no money is being kicked out of your pocket due to these attacks.

Amazing Support

Most of the testimonials claim that by using Kinsta, they got much more than they bargained for. This holds true in multiple regards, however, the honorable mention must go to their support provided to their customers.

There is no such thing as tiers of support with Kinsta, yet each request is being handled by a developer which has experience in both WordPress and with servers. This means high-quality support which will not leave you hanging, regardless of the complexity of your issue.

Not only to the customers though, but they go the extra mile of supporting the latest versions of server-side software, to make sure that your website is as fast as it could be. The same can not be said about other hosting providers, as they tend to be quite slow on updating themselves.

Kinsta also takes feedback into consideration and improves their offers and services accordingly. Just recently, they have increased the disk space amount for all the lower tiers, and have added quite a number of free stuff that comes with their plans. For example, they are helping you solve the issue of migration, which can cause quite a migraine, by implementing a free migration in all their annually paid Starter plans.

You need your website to be fast, and you need a reliable partner to help you do so. With this kind of performance and features that speak for themselves, Kinsta is definitely the hosting provider we would recommend. With the speed of your website in trusted hands, you are free to focus on improving your business and your customers!