Top 8 Free WordPress Themes for Writers & Authors That Will Capture the Attention of Readers

You always had a secret passion for writing, and you finally feel ready to publish your work (stories, poems, blogs, it simply doesn’t matter)? Then, WordPress is the ideal place for you. Even if you are beginning to present your writings to the world, it will help you deliver them to the readers the right way.

However, your work will be the main star of your site. But there must be some accents on design details. And there is nothing better than free themes to help you drawn the attention of the readers.

You’re an #author and need a #WordPress theme? This article reviews some great ones!

Also, it is no secret that most sites use multiple plugins to help them and make their site stand out besides a good theme. These kinds of plugins will manage to give your site a professional look, as well as they will offer you many features. One of the plugins like this is Simple Author Box. This plugin can help you create a receptive authors box at the end of your article, story, and so on, showing the main pieces of information about the author (author bio).

Simple Author Box

The plugin is simple to use and will offer you multiple features to save you a lot of trouble. It is easy to match it with your theme, and you don’t have to worry each time you publish a new post if you have written your info. In addition, there is the option to set it to automatically add an author box at the end of each publishment. The plugin also has RTL/AMP support. It is also great for guest posts and authors, which can help you to promote your page.

To start the right way with your site, all you’ll need is one of the multiple free WordPress themes for writers and authors. Today we have prepared for you a list of the best ones. These themes will make your site look more appealing to the readers. So, buckle in, and let’s get started.

Top eight free WordPress themes for writers & authors

1. Lovecraft

Lovecraft themeOur first stop is simple but yet effective WP theme Lovecraft. It is designed with two columns and a big cover photo that will appear once your site is open. It is just the kind of the first impression you want to make, breathtaking.

The best part about Lovecraft is that it is customizable. You can change the cover photo, and use your logo, and even adjust the color. By doing so, you will give this theme your touch and make it unique.

Lovecraft is simple to use, and it is considered one of the most eye-appealing WP themes.

2. Hoffman

Hoffman themeThis theme is minimalistic but yet very stylish looking. Hoffman will make sure that your posts look perfect on screens of all sizes, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

You can use photos from your gallery, and there is no need for old-fashioned picture posting. Instead, this theme offers you to make a slideshow that you can place on the top of your text. Simply marvelous.

Hoffman offers features like custom widgets, jetpack, page templates, and much more. You can install this theme in just a few clicks and give it a try. We guarantee you it’s worth it.

3. Zakra

Zakra themeOur third place goes to Zakra. This theme is well known as one of the most dominant and multi-useful themes known. There are numerous options to design your site as you desire, and what is crucial to mention it is beginner-friendly and safe.

Zakra offers you a pleasing but, even more importantly, very functional look on your site. So any change you wish to make, you can do it smoothly.

Nowadays, the main issue is when you make your site look beautiful on your laptop, and once you open it on your phone, surprise, it looks nothing like you’ve made it. Well, this theme will adjust to any screen! You can also combine it with different kinds of plugins and hit the jackpot!

4. Beauty

Beauty themeAre you someone who wants to run a beauty blog? Then Beauty theme is a sure hit for you. It offers you a soft, eye-appealing design that will drag your readers back.

What do readers love while researching sites? Of course, everyone appreciates when pages are quick with loading content, and this is what this theme offers you. So, with Beauty, no more waiting for ages for something to load.

You will also get an infinite number of background and color options. The list of all advantages with this theme could go on and on. So install it with a few clicks and start your beautiful journey.

5. Founder

Founder themeThe next on our list is Founder. It is also one of the simple-looking themes, with a highlight on your content. Besides good looks, Founder offers you regular upgrades, especially before any big WP release. So there is no staying behind or slowing down.

6. Verbosa

Verbosa themeIf you are on a hunt for a theme with tools to help you out with your site, as well as with your creativity, then you should consider giving Verbosa a try!

This theme is a perfect combination of different elements. It will offer you a simple and elegant font, with just enough contrast in colors, and so on. All these elements will bring your readers a sort of peace, and they will wish to come back to your site and read more.

It is still easy to make it one of a kind when Verbosa offers you over a hundred options to customize it! It’s easy to be unique with this many options.

7. Davis

Davis themeDavis theme is ideal for beginners since it is handy and easy to use. However, if you’re on a hunt for a simple-looking background that won’t overtake your content, then Davis is an ideal choice for you.

Your website will load with this theme within seconds since Davis weighs only 36 kilobytes. So everything about this theme is lightweight, and as we’ve already mentioned, easy to use.

8. Write

Write themeIf you are looking for something minimalistic and specially made for writers, then the Write theme is for you. It will keep details and decor on your site on a minimum level and focus on your written content.

This theme will offer you an enjoyable experience while used either on a tablet or a smartphone. But, it was supposed to be developed only for smartphones.

The Write will offer you many different features like Page Templates, Widget Areas, also Custom Widgets. These and several more features will be more than enough for beginners. Try it, and we guarantee you, you will fell in love.


As writers, we always look for new ways to satisfy our audience and bring them something new with different details. Something that will make their reading enjoyable and even attract them to come back for more content. Little details are crucial even if you are starting your site.

We also recommend you consider combining your theme with different plugins and make your site even more attractive.

One of those plugins was mentioned previously – Simple Author Box. It is easy to combine with all of the themes listed above, and it will provide a simple and practical element to your site.

Let yourself explore and try out several different themes. We assure you there is something for everyone on this list. Then, upgrade your site and give it a fresh start. You won’t regret it.