B2B & B2C Instagram Marketing Trends of 2022

The marketing scene in 2022 will be fascinating and quite different. With digitalization and virtualization projected to remain critical, next year will be different.

Discover the #B2B & #B2C #Instagram #Marketing Trends of 2022

Aside from using cutting-edge technology, marketers must be willing to adapt to the demands of their consumers if they are to reach their target audiences successfully.

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What B2B marketing trends can we expect to see this year?

For B2B clients, procurement efficiency and customer satisfaction are crucial. To remain on top of your B2B marketing game in 2022, consider the following five trendy marketing concepts that are expected to gain traction:

1. Increased Automation and AI Use in B2B Personalization

Seventy-five percent of CEOs believe that if AI is not scaled up, they will be out of business within the next five years. However, 86 percent of shoppers are prepared to spend extra for a positive client experience. While AI, marketing automation, and machine learning have been in use for some time, 2022 will be the year of AI everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer engagement and personalization are the most significant applications of AI in B2B marketing. More marketers will be interested in employing AI to increase lead generation, customer acquisition, and upselling in 2022.

With the worldwide AI software industry expected to expand by 54% year on year, marketers will seek to use AI and marketing automation technologies to customize buyer omnichannel experiences, create more revenue, and better marketing performance.

2. The Persistence of User-Generated Content

Customers trust marketing material created by other customers more than their content. B2B clients will anticipate interactive marketing and a seller-free experience when obtaining information about your business.


This may be accomplished by harnessing the power of user-generated content to give social evidence in addition to textual evaluations and client testimonials.

3. Mobile-First Marketing Strategies Will Remain Mission Critical Critical

Mobile-first marketing techniques will be at the core of B2B marketing initiatives in the following year. B2B users can connect with digital marketing material more efficiently. As a result, 70% of B2B buyers prefer to communicate with suppliers remotely.

Mobile First

Marketers must ensure that their websites and adverts perform effectively with mobile devices. Their marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile to simplify B2B customers to engage with their content.

4. High-quality content and original research will influence purchasing decisions

It would help if you were prepared to deliver in a market where customers are increasingly interested in the originality of research and the quality of marketing material when making purchasing selections.

Purchase Online

When making purchasing choices, providing relevant, high-quality information to your B2B customers is a proven method to encourage them to contact your sales team.

5. Your customer-centricity will be critical

It is more crucial than ever to connect with consumers and improve the customer experience. As time goes on, a marketer’s capacity to understand consumers and tailor content based on their pain points will become more important in generating more conversions and enhancing sales.

Customer Support

Instead of merely producing leads, marketers must supply consumers with answers and helpful information to improve customer experience and develop more meaningful and long-lasting connections.

What B2C marketing trends can we expect to see this year?

Marketers will need to do a lot to win over and keep clients, with a whopping 51% of B2C marketers aiming to boost their marketing spending in 2022. Here’s a quick rundown of what marketers may expect:

1. A short video will take over the B2C marketing landscape

When it comes to social media marketing, video content reigns supreme. Customers demand more profound content experiences in the next year, making short videos an intriguing frontier to watch.


With an ROI second only to influencer marketing and a 33 percent penetration among marketers, video in short form is primed for significant development.

2. Audio Content Will Take Center Stage more

In the following year, B2C marketers are projected to increase their use of audio content in their marketing activities. Marketers are beginning to recognize the value of audio content.


According to data, 43 percent of B2C marketers want to increase their podcast expenditure by 2022, indicating that tailored audio content will have a successful year.

3. The Importance of Social Responsibility

Trust influences most customers’ purchase choices. As a result, social responsibility is a booming marketing trend today. Consumers increasingly want firms to be more open and make a statement on numerous topics on social media.

Social Company

Consumers will soon want to hold you more responsible and see your point of view on many social issues.

4. Marketers will strive to maximize the effectiveness of inbound marketing strategies

Inbound marketing seeks to draw consumers to your company. Instead of pushing your message out to customers, you should concentrate on attracting them to your firm.

Given that most marketers want to increase or maintain their inbound marketing spending, businesses aiming to flourish in 2022 must do more to remain ahead of the curve.

5. Influencer marketing continues to be a key lead and revenue generator

Influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon, with 61 percent of B2C marketers expecting to use it in 2022. The power of influencer marketing is clear to everybody as the biggest ROI generator for B2C marketers in 2021. Similarly, the caliber of influencer marketers participating in each marketing campaign says a lot since they serve as the point of contact between your goods or services and your target audience.


You now have them. The top five B2B and B2C marketing trends will likely impact the following year. While the future changes in the marketing environment will give several chances for development, they will also provide numerous problems. Only those marketers that accept these developments and plan properly will profit.

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Thirty-six percent of B2C businesses report losing followers due to a lack of a consistent aesthetic or voice, which is 10% more than B2B firms.

Forty-two percent want to use it for the first time in 2022. After developing engaging content, those who utilize it think it’s the second-best performing marketing expenditure.

Furthermore, 16 percent of B2C marketers believe it is the marketing approach they would spend the most, compared to just 9 percent of B2B firms.

Although B2B and B2C companies have similar ultimate objectives, utilizing the platform varies significantly.