9 Best Email Automation Software To Try In 2023

Ever since the early days of the internet, email marketing has been a staple in advertising products and services online. It’s as much a part of online culture as pamphlets inside a mailbox, particularly now when people often have multiple email accounts. Email is the most direct form of online contact, and its ubiquity across various platforms makes it an invaluable resource. This accessibility means it’s quite easy to find people’s emails and understand where and how they use them.

From there, you can identify individuals whose interests align with your services. However, doing this manually is nearly an insurmountable task. That’s where the utility of email automation software becomes apparent. These tools are designed to not only locate potential customers but also automate support emails, manage newsletters, and even aid in your marketing campaigns. To assist you in selecting the most suitable tool for your needs, here’s a list of the 9 best email automation software currently available on the market. For those specifically looking to leverage social media in their email marketing strategy, the Twitter email scraper can be an invaluable tool, offering unique insights and access to a broad audience.

1. Spylead


Due to the fact that all social media require emails for registration, they present a perfect marketing opportunity. Spylead can find any email on platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Maps, Google’s SERP, and so much more. This allows you to find publicly known email addresses that people created precisely so they can be contacted.


By data, scraping emails from Google Maps you’ll be able to see the market for your services as well as future potential for investments. This connects Spylead not only to the world of online business but to classic storefront businesses too. Contacting people on their LinkedIn email is the perfect marketing opportunity as they already are looking for business deals there.

2. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the most popular email automation services. Perfect for eCommerce businesses that need personalized emails for each of their customers. With a multitude of tools and features, you’ll be able to create unique automated emails to promote your business. Using email automation software is key to building good customer relations. And with Mailchimp, you’ll be able to analyze all the performance of your emails. Knowing how well you perform is half the battle. From there on you’ll be able to optimize your emails for further growth

3. Hubspot


If you’re looking for an email automation software that offers tools for boosting your leads look no further than Hubspot. With its robust set of features, it’ll allow you to create follow-ups that are perfect for lead generation. Built precisely for marketing and advertisements Hubspot can offer you everything you might need for your marketing needs. It even offers some ad tracking so you know which campaign is performing the best.

4. Sendinblue


Having a unified view of your customer relations is quite important. That’s why Sendinblue has an all-in-one tool that can track emails and even SMS messages. Perfect for subscription-based companies that need every possible way of contacting their clients. This tool allows you to create multi-stage lines of communication that ensure no clients leave unheard. You’ll never again need to worry about losing contact with your customers. You can even create unique datasets based on your target demographics.

5. GetResponse


Running a business can be tough, especially if you need a direct line of communication with your customers. With GetResponse you can automate the trivial inquiry emails that can be solved with autoresponders. And it also offers a website builder so that if you’re just starting out you can have a single tool for all your needs.

6. Drip


Sometimes you simply don’t have time to create unique responses for everyone. That’s where Drip comes in. it already has awesome preestablished responses that you simply need to edit to your liking. You still have the ability to create your own workflows, but if you’re in a rush Drip can save so much time.

7. MailerLite


If your desktop is already swamped with tools and apps using MailerLite might be what you need. It’s an easy-to-use email automation software that’s lightweight and perfect for businesses that need to send one-off emails such as receipts. You can also integrate triggers so that, depending on customer response, MailerLite activates marketing campaigns.

8. ConvertKit


Rule building is one of the most important parts of email automation software. It creates workflows and responses so that you don’t need to personally interact with every customer. ConvertKit offers a simple rule builder anyone can use. That way even beginners can use automated email software to boost their business.

9. Cakemail


If you’re running on a budget Cakemail might be the service for you. It’s an email automation service that’s simple and cheap, while still fully capable of running ad campaigns and welcome sequences. You can create custom dynamic emails that work perfectly with your business in a flash.


Finding what marketing style works for your business can be tough, but email automation is always a good choice. Due to its versatility, you can use email automation software anywhere from marketing campaigns to customer management. And if you’re trying to grow your audience there’s no better tool than Spylead. With its data and email scraper, you’ll find people who are interested in your business and thus create a solid marketing base online.