7 best email marketing apps for Shopify in 2022

Are you looking you can use an email marketing platform that can help you promote and connect the success of your Shopify store? If so, then you’re on the right track!

This article has looked at the best 12 email marketing platforms that work seamlessly with Shopify.

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We’ve highlighted their most important features together with pros and cons to consider before making a decision.

Without further delay, we’ll review the top email marketing options for Shopify.

Why Do You Need A Shopify Email Marketing App?

Do you want to boost your Shopify marketing via email? Don’t worry; check out our extensive research of the top Shopify email marketing applications and features, and then make your final choice!

Before we get into the various Shopify apps, We want to stress why marketing via email is the way to go.

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Marketing via email has repeatedly proved that it is a cost-effective and easy-to-use method to get the highest conversion rates and revenue for businesses.

With the correct Shopify email marketing software, it is possible to send automatic emails based on your clients’ behavior. It is also possible to connect the app to your Shopify store, making it easier for you to track customer information and also enabling you to send trigger emails!

7 best email marketing programs for Shopify

1. GetResponse


GetResponse isn’t just an email marketing solution. It’s also a complete marketing automation system designed to assist you in growing your e-commerce business.

With GetResponse, it is possible to design and send email marketing campaigns that appear stunning across any gadget. It comes with stunning pre-designed email templates and an email maker with advanced features such as dark-mode preview and inbox that will ensure your emails are perfect in every pixel.

Templates for eCommerce emails that are prebuilt and ready to use within GetResponse.

After you’ve connected GetResponse to your Shopify store’s functionality, you’ll also be able to utilize customer information to build segments and create highly targeted email campaigns. This means that every email you send will be more impactful and result in more sales.

2. Klaviyo


Klaviyo Klaviyo is a different email marketing application that should be considered if you’re trying to expand your Shopify store.

It comes with advanced automation and email marketing tools, allowing you to create complex automated situations to attract new and returning customers.

For building your email marketing campaigns, There are two options to build your email campaigns. You can begin with a blank slate using their brand new email builder or choose one of the templates already made available via the old email builder.

The HTML0e drag-and-drop builder is robust, providing complete customization options, and offering logic conditions to display specific graphic elements.

3. Omnisend


Omnisend is an SMS, email, and web push notification platform designed for e-commerce.

It comes with prebuilt automation for abandoning products and carts and new subscribers, as well as customer feedback and email reactivation.

The platform provides an impressive array of features if you’re looking for email marketing. It allows you to send out promotional campaigns, conduct an A/B test, and automate resending your emails to people who haven’t read the first email.

4. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is another well-known email marketing platform that focuses specifically on automated features that can assist you in growing and expanding your Shopify store.

It includes more than 500 pre-built automation workflows that allow you to create welcome email sequences, follow-up messages after purchase, and many other scenarios that require advanced technology. If you’re interested in exploring similar options to ActiveCampaign’s automation features for Shopify stores, TinyEmail might interest you. A comparison of ActiveCampaign vs TinyEmail can reveal which might better suit specific email marketing needs, especially when advanced automation is a priority.

5. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is an automation tool for marketing that lets you send emails, create SMS-based campaigns, design landing pages, and promote your business through paid advertisements.

Compared to other email marketing options we’ve reviewed, this one is on the stronger side.

For the fundamental email marketing capabilities, the platform has plenty of pre-designed templates (40plus) – although they’re rather old-fashioned – and an intuitive email builder that you can use to personalize your email campaigns.

The editor also includes free photographs (approximately 200), a built-in image editor, and the ability to display specific elements based on the recipients who meet certain requirements.

6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing program with some extremely useful tools for online stores.

Inside there, you’ll find a powerful email builder, marketing automation workflows, pop-ups, transactional emails, and analytics.

The email builder appears contemporary and is simple to use. It comes with a wide range of blocks and free images from Unsplash.

The odd thing is that the email editor cannot allow you to insert various kinds of sections (for instance, two-column) except if the template already has one. This means that it’s not very customizable if you wish to experiment with the layout of your emails.

The scenario is different from the automated option. The workflows are customizable and allow you to create various email sequences depending on the circumstances you decide to use.

7. Shopify email

Shopify email

Shopify email is an official Shopify application that allows you to manage crucial email marketing campaigns to promote your shop.

The application is somewhat less simple in comparison to the others we looked at in this round-up. However, it’s a good starting point if you’re unfamiliar with email marketing.

It comes with a good selection of templates (about 30 templates))and an email editor that allows you to customize your emails completely.

Although it does not have many advanced features, such as the ability to check for spam or optimize your mobile device, it comes with a useful template branding editor feature. It lets you modify your email templates’ colors and font styles from a single location.


There are a lot of available apps, and sometimes it’s hard to choose the most effective. We’ve done the legwork for you and put together the top 11 most effective Shopify email marketing tools for 2021.

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