5 things to think about before starting an e-commerce business

When starting an e-commerce business, it is necessary to know the simplest definition of this term. E-commerce business encompasses every process of online selling or buying; all businesses of this type are engaged in the sale of digital or even physical products.


Starting an e-commerce business from the very beginning is an extremely demanding and detailed description, it is necessary to develop a detailed map of the plan and study and elaborate each step well. In an extremely crowded and hostile field, it is important to stand out, be unique and recognizable, and attract clients in a creative way.

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Discover five things to keep in mind when starting an #ecommerce #business

1) Having adequate plugins

In order for your e-commerce business to function as well and efficiently as possible, you need to have an adequate and good system, more precisely good plugins.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

We recommend using JEM plugins using the WooCommerce system. There is seamless integration with WooComerce shipping zones. Also, it is important to mention that these plugins are extremely easy to use and there will be no confusion or difficulty in using them.

2) Creating a business plan

At the very beginning of an e-commerce business, it is necessary to learn the tactics of businesses that sell the same or similar products as yours. A detailed analysis of their business plan, observation of customer relationships, and the success of digital marketing is recommended.

Of course, if you think that a brand’s business tactics have failed, you will avoid using their ideas to develop your company. Detailed elaboration of the products you want to market, their placement, as well as acceptance by the target audience, are some of the aspects that need to be seriously studied before forming an e-commerce business.

Business Plan

Also, finding the right target audience is crucial for the development and placement of your brand, because without customers you have no one to sell the product to and you are at a loss.

3) Investment and profit

Once you’ve figured out how to present and market your brand and find the right target audience, you need to guess how much capacity your products can meet. Specifically, you need to make an assumption about how many products you will be able to sell to your customers so that you can make a calculation of the goods needed for the product development process.


If you are focused on a specific region, you can collect data on sales percentages of products similar to yours in that region. However, if you are focused on selling globally, it is extremely difficult to determine exactly how much capacity will be needed and whether the desired profit will be realized.

It is recommended to conduct a competitor survey using various tools available to e-commerce, as well as the use of confidential information of certain brands about the amount of investment and the final outcome.

4) Order tracking

One of the most important parts of effectively completing e-commerce sales is tracking software. In order to build a sense of trust and mutual respect with your customer, you must keep them updated on the status of their purchase’s delivery.

Client Support

Customers are advised as to which stage of delivery they can cancel their order up to and are informed as to which stage of delivery their product is at any time. For all e-commerce businesses, there is software that significantly simplifies the entire ordering and delivery process, and sends the appropriate e-mails informing the customer.

5) Business development

Future growth is a concept that should be considered even at the very beginning of establishing an e-commerce business. All potential opportunities and difficulties that may affect the development of your business need to be considered.

As you grow and grow your business, you will attract new customers as well as retain previous ones. It is normal for an e-commerce business to have a rapid development or even an extremely slow and difficult process of achieving the final goal.

Business Development

If you do not immediately achieve the desired goal of your company, you must not give up because each process of company development requires a certain period of time that is extremely unique and specific.


Taking into account all the above factors that affect the creation and development of your e-commerce business, without a doubt, the desired goal can be achieved when creating a company. It takes a certain amount of time to reach the goal, as well as a detailed elaboration of each step, and readiness for all the difficulties that may hinder you. A good system and plugins, an adequate business plan, and investment are some of the factors that significantly contribute to your experience when creating an e-commerce business.