5 Best Color Palettes Tools Every Designer Must Have: Make Your Job Easier

Colors can significantly affect people and their preferences. You can use psychological tricks by researching which color makes people happier, which color will grab their attention, or even which color will best represent your site, product, or piece of art. Isn’t that an incredible trick to know?

Did you know that #colors can play a significant role on your #site? Take a look at these incredible tools that will create color #palettes for your site!

To think that something that seems so unnecessary and unimportant can affect how a person will behave on your site is impressive. If colors were irrelevant, you would not have a variety of themes for every aspect of a website.

However, it is crucial to pay attention to your design and what colors you’ll use. Furthermore, we have selected the five best color palettes every designer must have to make your job easier.

1. Color Adobe

Color Adobe

With Color Adobe, you can create color themes and share them with other designers. Go to their website and sign up for free. In the navigation bar, you’ll see Create, Explore, Trends, and Libraries tab.

With Create, you’ll have at your disposal a contrast checker, color wheel. And you can also extract themes and gradients from images.

Explore tab lets you search for other similar themes to yours. You can get inspiration from here for how to proceed with your design.

The Trends tab will help you discover the latest color trends in different industries. The Libraries tab is for you to store your color palettes. Outstanding, right?


  • Contrast Checker – Make sure your color choices are visually accessible using a contrast checker and compare it to WCAG.
  • Color Blind safe themes – Color Adobe wants to make sure everyone gets involved. Therefore has provided tools that can create themes for deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia.

And if you want to take a break from all the hard work, you can play Color Game.

2. Khroma


Khroma is another tool that will help you choose suitable color palettes. Once you start your journey with Khrome, it will offer you to choose 50 colors. Further, a color generator algorithm will customize color palettes that will be by your liking.

You’ll wait briefly while the generator creates personalized color combinations for you. Then you will see all the color combinations made from the colors you have selected. Also, you can see how those colors would look as written text, poster, gradient, image, and palette.


  • You’re training a color generator algorithm to create colors tailored to your wishes by choosing different colors
  • Create as many color combinations as needed
  • Search for anything from hue to hex and RGB values on Khroma search
  • Save your searches and color combinations into collections

3. Coolors


Coolors is a fantastic color palette tool.  You can use it on a website, as an iOS app, Adobe extension, or Chrome extension, or get it integrated with Instagram for more inspiration.


  • Generating new color palettes has never been easier. Click the spacebar to create random color palettes, lock the color you like. Continue by pressing the spacebar and closing colors until you make the desired palette
  • Customize the color by adjusting HSL, RGB, CMYK, etc.
  • Explore and find palettes that are trending right now
  • Pick a color, view its color variations of shade, tones, tints, etc. color harmonies, blindness simulator, check contrast, compare it to similar, more popular colors
  • Browse an image and pick a palette from that image

4. HueSnap


HueSnap started as an app that used to sample colors from photos but has grown into something much bigger.


  • Customized Palettes – this feature lets you create palettes from colors you collected from images
  • Share Color Palettes – once you create your palette, you can share it with other designers, or you can find inspiration in palettes that others have shared
  • Sync Devices – make sure you’re always up to date with your color palettes by accessing them through desktop and Android, and iOS devices from anywhere.

5. Color Leap

Color Leap

Get inspiration from a specific period in history and use color palettes related to that era. Color Leap is a tool where you can explore history through colors.


  • 12 eras to choose from, meaning you’ll get many color palettes to choose from
  • Every period has 15 palettes
  • Once you choose the era, you can see color suggestions displayed as a picture or as a palette
  • Choose a palette or an image. Simply click on the color, to copy it
  • if you’re working on multiple projects, you can save any palette by adding it to the favorites


Choosing the right colors is not an easy task, but you can make it easier by using one of these tools.

You can choose colors you like the most and let the automatic color generator create a palette according to your wishes.

Or you can explore which colors and palettes are most popular and use those in your design. These tools will be of great help to you and will help you save so much time.